The Early Days

Kuan yinMy first boat, was a Pearson Ariel, a 26 foot Racing Cruiser, I named Kuan Yin. I learned to sail on her. I did not have any real sail experience before that. Other than a few times out on a 45ft plus Sailing Yacht, formally belong to the late movie star Jane Mansfield. If you remember her, your old… anyway other than that no sailing. I just jumped into it. A bit of guidance from a old sailor on one practice trip out, a few books read, a Power Squad Safety course and I was off…kuanyin-final.gif


I had some pretty amazing adventures on KY. going around on my first real sail moving from oen marina to another. THe sail was perfect until I was about 1 hour from the new marina and ran aground on an ebbing tide. We sat for 6 hours on and angle waiting for the tide to come back. Then had to sail into an unknown marina in the dark.

Then there was the time going to Alameda, almost ran out of gas, went from no wind to WAY too much wind. I knew nothing about reefing at the time and my gf was sea sick. Coming back home ran into near gale winds! WOW!

Another time coming back from Sasuin city, ran aground, got pulled off by a couple of nice guys. Then went to a dock for a break, the wind picked up so much when we were ready to leave almost got blow into the marshes. Finally got going, a couple of hours later ran aground again!! Got lucky with a heel from the wind and some motor power got going!

I will not say anything about the adventures at the dock, being single at the time…


  1. Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
    Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

  2. I recently bought Kuan Yin. I’m going to spend some time and money on her to get her beautiful and ocean-worthy again. I started a blog to document the progress, and I added a link to your website. Here’s my blog:

    • Nice! I had heard from A.m. That she had sold her to someone she thought woulg give her some TLC? I am pleased you are on the project to restore her! I shall follow!

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