About S/V Zen and crew

s/v Zen

s/v Zen, The name: My first yacht was named Kuan Yin, she is the goddess of mercy and compassion. Often seen riding on a sea dragon. She was a person in Chinese mythology who once enlighten instead of passing-on to the next level stayed behind to help others reach enlightenment. I figured on my first boat I needed all the mercy and compassion I could get. The next boat I have learned alot, but I am still learning. I am onthe path of enlightenment, but I need more practice or (Zazen) meditation to reach full enlightenment. In a sense enlightenment ( Nirvana ) is being able to sail to Japan. This ship, method, path (Zen) will take me there to Nirvana/Japan/BlueWater


The Crew:

I am called Zen, my almost perfect wife is called Lady Zen. From time to time we have visitors and guest crew members.

I am from Philly, Lady Zen is from Osaka, Japan, S/V Zen is from Ca.

We live in the Beautiful S.F. Bay area!! s/v Zen is an Islander I-29. I am a Graphic Designer, Musician, Artist, Healer, Tai Chi/Kung Fu teacher, Potter/Ceramic, Herbalist, Photographer. I guess you can see I have a lot of interests. I like to travel and have friends from many places. I speak some, Spanish, Chinese, & Japanese. I am currently outfitting ourselves to make the trip to Japan. That will be our big adventure! This blog will track our adventures and what not up to and including our relocation.

************************* *******************************

I am a terrible speller ( I forget there is a spell check ) and sometimes… ok most times edit poorly and redo that later. Life is short so deal with it. Feel free to add your 2 yen worth, so I do not feel I’m just typing to the void. It gives me warm fuzzies to get comments. Live long and prosper…


  1. Zen! Thrilled to see another local adventurer’s site. I look forward to reading it all and picking up tips – I too hope to (someday) do a big sail.

  2. Hello,

    I am enjoying your blog and certainly enjoyed having you in my bareboat class. Great photos, too. Its seems that we have a lot in common. I am just starting Tai Chi and really like it. I am also a musician. I play guitar and sing. What do you play? I will look forward to meeting up with you again at the ASA IQC in May.



  3. neat blog, and a very good read! Thank you! I’m curious, who designed and painted your boat’s name? I see that you’re a graphic designer, but did you do that actual bit? I ask because my new boat is on her way home, here to the SF Bay Area, and we’re renaming her. I’m looking for someone to do the design and the paint.

    I’m also terribly jealous; I had wanted Hokusai for my original blog (I’m a complete fan of the Great Wave), but don’t have the design skills to pull it off. Alas, I’ll simply have to enjoy it on yours. =)


  4. Laureen:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and more so for the note. Most who pass through leave no footprints, so it often feels like a wind swept beach. It is nice to hear from someone new.

    I will visit your blog and catch up on your tales there.

    As for the name graphic on s/v Zen. I designed it and took a cd to a vinyl shop they made a stick on decal for me. It was much neater than trying to paint. If you need some assistance with your design please do not hesitate to contact me

    Best of luck with your sailing adventures

    fair winds

  5. G’Day Zen :)
    I’ve just purchased a 1976 45 foot yacht !!
    What am I thinking ?? he-he such is life
    It’s 1 am here now and I’ve been reading through your blog and really enjoyed the read.. still loads more to read but love the adventure you have created..

    I’m working in a movie studio creating special effects .. I am managing two 3D animation teams but live a strange life… For the past year I’ve been sleeping in my car ?? started out as a way to save some $$ but has now turned into a way of life.. I’ve since left the car and moed into a small storage area… I could easily live in a mdest dwelling…. guess I’m now in training for a cruising lifestyle… I guess I’m preparing myself for my adventure.. it found me, all paths have lead to this spontaneous decision to buy a boat and sail… Now I’m busy every spare minute soaking up as much knowledge as I can regarding sailing. Buying books form Amazon.com surfing the net etc..
    wow my big project over next few weeks will be to remove the engine. ..

    Well best of luck



  6. Hi Zen!

    Thanks for stopping by my site and inviting me to visit your blog. You have some fantastic stories and pictures. Although, I haven’t been able to peruse all of them yet, I am looking forward to doing so. I find it inspiring and informative reading others’ sailing blogs as that is where I have learned the most in my research process. Unfortunately, I won’t have anymore sailing stories until late next year after we buy a REAL sailboat and start living-aboard/sailing in the warmer climates. Then we should have a lot of stories. Being novices, I’m sure even comical ones at the onset. We are really looking forward this new lifestyle (even if only half of the year for now).

    Well, I better get going here before this reply turns into another blog!

    Thanks again for sharing!!



  7. Zen,
    I look forward to your journey and all the good fortune that you will encounter. Keep in touch.

    ps obviously I found your site.


  8. Capt. Zen:

    Congrads on your six pack license! So! 謹賀新年!!

    This,31 December, is proving to be a strange night for me. Much has been going quaint and curious -but just as an example; I’d finished sharing a long-distance toast (via skype) with friends in Osaka (Senrioka actually, but that’s Osaka to me).

    The Sake I was toasting with translates something like Golden Dream Dancer. I wanted to find information about the sake brewery that made it and was googleing (in English, my nihongo is pretty much limited to finding a beer or a bathroom!) & ended up at your site. I then noticed that the nearly perfect Lady Zen is from Osaka… -hey I thought it was all passing strange and fun!

    I don’t envy you the blue water part of sail (having been a gunk holer myself, always wanting to see the other side of the next island) but once you get there… envious I am! -especially if you run around the Seto Inland Sea.

    This past spring I took a ferry across it, from Hiroshima to Matsuyama and just couldn’t get over what great sailing waters!

    So! If you need somebody to crew once you hit those waters, somebody who isn’t quite as strong or quick as he was when he was 20 or 30,… or 50 or… well, by golly I’m your man!

    Best to you and yours;
    Jim in Alaska

  9. Thanks for dropping by Jim and the post. Stay warm up there.

    fair winds

  10. I have Google which brings up all references to Kuanyin everyday, and since Kuanyin is my blog name, your blog came up in reference to the Great Compassionate One, Kuan Yin.

    Hey, if you’re passing through the Hawaiian Islands on your way to Japan, stop by and holler at me on Maui!

    May your journey be a blessed, joyous one!

  11. Hi Zen, I finally clicked on your blog after reading your posts on “Sail-Far” for quite awhile now. I am glad I did, it is a wonderful site. If your travels ever bring you up to Mendocino County give me a yell.

  12. Hi Zen, I found your site after looking for more information on the travels of the s/v Sapien. However soon after finding your site realized that I was looking at someone familiar, and I was a student of yours from the Aquatic Center last summer. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing, and it is good to hear about your own sailing experience. I’ll be heading out on a day sail tomorrow out of Sausalito, and it will be good to be out on the water. I’ll be taking the BBC course from Tradewinds later this summer. Let me know if you need help working on Zen, I’m only a bike ride away from the Berkeley Marina.

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  21. Hey.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog and commenting. All the best for your sailing trip.

  22. wow i found your site again..i had seen it out there somewhere last week but hadn’t been able to find it…and today i spent a wonderful afternoon on a 68 I29 just like the pic..cept it was let go for way to long but i saw yours in it..oooo to be able to bring the life back to her would be so wonderful…if only that was the wish of the universe as well..love and light.thanks for me finding you again

  23. Hello neighbor, I found your blogs because of my interest in the Islander 29. I live in Walnut Creek and I may purchase hull no. 935, built in 1966.

  24. Hi, enjoy your site! We are new Alberg 30 owners! Check us out if you get bored: http://svheron.weebly.com/

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Wow, what a wonderful blog. You have so many stories and so much information. I probably won’t get any sleep tonight because I want to read it all!

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  27. I just bought my first sailing vessel, an I-29! Going to get her back to her former glory after not being a first proirty to previous owners. Then a trip to Fiji is in story with my 1st mate (longtime girlfriend). Best regards from Seattle and s/v Capri!

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