Posted by: Zen | May 10, 2013

TPEP: the Continuum

In a few days time, the journey continues.  We are in a better space, mentally and physically, meaning ready(er) than before. However am I ready… hmmm do not know, sometimes. There are still things I am unsure of. Also things that are needed. Still there are things that are in place enough that it is possible. Including company if we can make the rendezvous. At least for part of the trip. Like what we had coming down the Cal coast. The weather is better, that is a plus, we have some miles of travel under our hull, that is a plus. Still I am a bit nervous, which is good. Nervous makes one alert. When facing the power of nature one needs to be alert, yet calm, and respectful.


It has been an interesting layover here, part of me wants it to continue, part wants to continue on to the goal, I want to be in Japan and settling in to the new life. Training, playing, working, etc. Ensenada feels safe, and comfortable, yet safe is an illusion, I need to face that by moving on to the next port. Our next challenge is traveling down the coast of Mexico. It will be a week of travel day and night, little sleep and more than a degree of un-comfortableness. Yet we have faced that already in small bits.   Hopefully reality will be less than the imagination and the Force with be with us. 
Inside great joy there is sadness. A Zen master said this to me once, he said his teacher said it to him. I may have said this before anyway,  The joy of this passages contains sadness. Kind of like eating of the fruit of the tree of knowladge. Faceing the truth of my expectations about those I call friends. If there is one thing this passage has brought about is the clearing of my sight concerning that. Even though I think have little expectations, I still have enough that they, my expectations, get to me. I guess it is the way of man to get lost in/on what we think is happening/suppose/want to be happening, than what is really happening.


Time is slipping away, some days I feel more ready than others, not so much in things to do, but mentally. The weather also comes into play. Cloudy, rainy, overcast. Not so ready, sunny, more ready. It is all natural.


It is now several days later than when I first started writing this post. We will now be traveling alone. A change of plans. I consulted with  a very experienced sailing friend and it was suggested that we make our path, plans based on our boat and crew and not on that of another, boat, crew, style of sailing. In Martial arts we would call that, having your opponent fight on your terms, not you fight on his/theirs. I am sure there is something in Sun Tzu Art of War about that.  It was also said that traveling down the Baja is more taxing than being on the open sea. It is the land masses that cause funky winds. With steady winds we can get into a routine and cover sea ground. 
One thing , well one of many things learned in Marital Arts is to listen to elders, the voice of experience. Even though I have some Bay experience with challenging conditions,  a captain lic, teaching certificates, I am still a beginner. In Zen keeping a beginner’s mind is the key to growth. In this case not just to growth , but the difference between a pleasant sail and a miserable one, life and death. There was a saying when I was a youth, “hard heads, make for soft behinds!”


For the most part as far as the boat, we are ready. The ZenCat has been cleaned inside and out ( Buddhist way of purifying, bringing good fortune,) auto steering system and backups are in place. We have emergency items, we have water 35-40 gals. Not as much as I would like, but with wise usage enough. We have a rain catching system if able, and a handheld watermaker that will keep us alive. 


I am still waiting for our bottom cleaners to show up and I just need to hook up a second battery charger which I have, and need to wire in. It is mostly all mental prep now. I am feeling much less anxious now about the trip than I was a week ago. Going down the coast rushing, then back up the other side to meet the other boats, then going down part of the coast…again, did not really sit well with me. Even though now going alone, it feels better. Feeling better is important. Now it is just a matter of picking the right day for conditions to start, then trusting the Tao. There is an old church song I still recall from childhood. The main words are. “We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord…”


It is good now to spend some time relaxing. Currently I am on the deck writing and Skyping. Nice weather, fair winds, sunny, very pleasant here at the marina. 


We have also been taking advantage of the facilities, using the Jacuzzi, playing table tennis, billiards, great showers here. No salt in the water like at the other marina, so one feels clean afterwards. We had breakfast at the hotel, (discounted,) last Sunday. We may do lunch there over some point of this weekend, with our friends. I have yet to use the swimming pool , but I may over the weekend , for the Jacuzzi, love that. Like a Japanese bath!


I met another mixed couple ( Black n White) who sail a bit. I was surprised to hear that even here in Mexico they had some minor issues with “KKK” types. Here at this marina it is very Stateside-ish, retired good ole boys with big yachts reside here or dock here. Not the local Mexican feel of Baja Naval. No matter, they can live in stupid if they wish, just do not mess with us, I will not mess with them.  I have not run into any issues personally, but I keep to myself, unless approached. This couple has been here for I believe 10 yrs., they said so they have seen more. It is a big contrast to what LZ says about feeling totally at home and comfortable in Ensenada. That is Ensenada and local turf , where as here feels like San Diego and those Klan types always think they own where they live, forgetting they came, or their parents came from someplace else. 
Ok, that is it for the local news. The next post maybe from the Marquesas in the South Pacific…it should take us about 35 days…Yosh!

Our Facebook updates are here, telling when we left and perhaps the route:

This should be the weblink to track us:


  1. Gambate and good luck!

    • Thank you!!

  2. Be alert, but be at ease. Y ou have prepared well. A safe and happy passage, my friends, and may your mind be always at peace as you cross the Pacific.

  3. You are on your own with yourself now… It is you that you are facing. You will not come out on the other side the same guy! One tiny last ‘advice': on the back of the big ocean YOU are the endangered species. Don’t allow yourself to feel sorry for nature, not even to think you have to ‘protect’ her. On the bright side, although you are very conscious to put your life at stake, there are hardly any accidents at sea… Whereas when you get into a car, you don’t think your life is in the balance and yet there are many deadly accidents… Send us a postcard when you get there! f r a n k i e

    • Thanks Frankie, always a cheerful note from you :-)

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