Posted by: Zen | May 1, 2013

TPEP: Moving on up

 “Well we’re moving on up…to the east side…to a deluxe apartment in the sky…moving on up…” Remember that show, the Jefferesons.

Finally after almost three months, we left central Ensenada. It was interesting being there and a little sad to leave. The local flavor was nice, really a feeling of being in Mexico. The new marina is like going up town. It is attached to a hotel, two swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi, pool room, gym, etc etc. I had the theme song from the Jefferson playing in my head as we approached the entrance. Really the whole trip over.


Our dodger finally got finished on the front and side, so now we have some protection , at least on three sides. This is helpful, even if it is no longer winter. However it is still cool. The canvas master did a good job considering what he had to work with, he took care in the construction. The materials are not the best but that is my fault in the purchase not his. Anyway it works. He finished the job the morning of the day we left.


I waited around until later afternoon, in hopes the wind would die down a bit so I could get out of the slip and harbor without to much struggle. The wind did ease a bit, but I took some time to set up and plan on our exit. Seeing how the wind would affect the boat and it handled. He was a bit unnerving moving again after being settled for so long without going out at all. Once out of the slip and harbor, it was an easy motor over to the new marina. I turned to the auto pilot to check its operation. It worked smoothly, as did the dodger. It was a pleasant day and a fairly short trip up the bay. It would have been nice to sail however it was all up wind and I wanted to get settled before the office closed and it got dark.


Friends were waiting for us when we arrived. That was kind of nice. Not like going into a strange place, alone. The only down side is our slip entrance is small, narrow. Lucky there is no boat next to us so I could make the turn in. I will check with the marina office tomorrow about getting moved to a wider fairway. Hopefully that can be done for the same price since we are only staying for part of the time we are paying for. That way we can get out easier to do some sea trials. Another small down side is the loooong walk to the bath facilities. 


Our other friend Shige-san arrived today, from San Diego. I came out to practice just as he was heading to the office to check in. Shortly after LZ got it together to come out, our other friends from S/V Destiny came out also heading for the office. We went up together.


After we all took care of  our individual business, I continued my walk about to locate a space for morning Tai Chi. I located a nice open space overlooking the marina, yet somewhat hidden in plain sight. Now I have three spots which will work well over the next two weeks.


The plan while we are here is to re-pack the boat, clean, get some practice time on the water in, rest, relax, lounge, prepare, meditate, train plan and get some advice. Once we leave here it will be spartan living for a while. And we will be out of touch for about 7-10 days. I am hopeful we can be in harmony with Nature and have the blessings of the Force on our travel. So far the Universe has smiled on us.
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  1. The adventure seems to be progressing as they they do. I can’t wait to se how you fair in the South Pacific. Please be safe you two and take care of each other.

    • Thanks Master Sailor, fair winds to you also. Always fun to read you guys posts

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