Posted by: Zen | April 28, 2013

TPEP: The good, bad and ugly

As time moves on with our extended visit to Ensenada, and draws to an end, the time awareness increases. Things still needed to be done, plans made, routes, times, supplies, etc, etc. 
The ZenCat’s canvas is almost finished. It was supposed to be finished today ( Sat), and as I write I have been waiting for the canvas master show up. I have been waiting for 1.5hrs. He was here yesterday and did some work and just needed to do some touch up sewing he said. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe there was a problem and he could not call…things happen.  There is still Monday. I told him we would still be here Monday morning…so we will see. I am looking forward to having that done.


Nishi-san our friend from Japan we met in Alameda last year, finally made it down to Ensenada. He only stayed for a short while. We showed him around, went out to eat, we introduced him to some of our friends and acquaintances and then he took off. He helped me a bit with some items and gave me advice on anchoring. He has an amazing amount of knowledge. We went to visit a couple of marinas. At one of them was the guy who wanted to follow along with Nishi-san to French Poly. By fate we ran into him right away! I introduced him to Nishi-san. Without even a polite greeting, no hello, nice to meet you, how was your sail, nothing, right away he asked to go with him to the Marquesas. His only thought, I need this from you! How rude! Not the way to make a good impression dealing with Japanese. No manners! He did not make a good impression with Nishi-san and pissed me off with the pushy, all about me attitude and lack of manners. Nishi-san left that evening after we had dinner, so Mr Pushy did not have a chance to force himself on him. It did make it clear, this is not a person I need to have contact with or try to be friends. This is perhaps why the Tao arranged such a quick meeting and the timing, to open my eyes. 
If things go as planned it should take us about 25 days to reach the first island once we leave the mainland. Since we plan to go down the coast instead of direct from here, we will not need to take as much water. I was looking at about 45 days if we went direct. 25 -30 days is more manageable as far as food and water supplies. Water needs will be about a gal per day. Also it gives us a chance to re-adjust to sailing and doing over-nighters before making the big jump.
I will be doing sea trials and systems check over the next upcoming week. Re-organizing the way things are stored onboard, for the next leg. I have made some good changes since coming here three months ago, now it is just refining them and us. Things are never complete on a boat, just like living there is always some sail adjustment, trim to do, modification to make.
People on the way:


A new friend of our says cruising is about the people you met along the way. Since we started we have made a couple of new people we could call friends. There have been a lot of nice people we have encountered. Still only a few that are the hanging out with kind. My Homie from Philly and his girl friend are one. He has been very very helpful. We have a good time eating and hanging out with them. We met Captain Ron, the only “brotha” I have encountered since being out here. 
Nice guy. Owns an Islander 36, so we are former I-36 club mates, as well as working at one time for the same sailing school. We had only met very briefly before this at the Blue Pelican. So he counts as someone meeting while “out there” and not a pre-sail friend, like the Wind Charmer crew, and Nishi-san and company. There have been some nice people encountered at some of the stops, they are indeed, the ships passing in the night classification. It will be interesting to see who is out there once we are in the islands.
And that is it for the local news. The good, bad and ugly.
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