Posted by: Zen | April 22, 2013

TPEP: This-n-that, Dat-n-Dis

On the way down the coast we did not belong to an offical brick house yacht club. We are members of BAMA, The Bay Area Multihull Assoc. While we are a recognized assoc with membership in a major Yacht Club association, we do not have the name Yacht Club in the name.  As far as reciprocals this was only an issue at one place. Marina Del Rey Yacht ( nose in the air) Club. They would not let us in because of that. On our trip back to the Land of the Free, blah blah, evil Monsanto, one of my mails to pick up was my official membership package from Mieco Beach Yacht Club. 
We are now official Yacht Club Memebers, La Di Da blah blah. 


Another piece of waited for mail was a new Eco flag from Japan. I was told this is the last and only one left in stock. A gift to me. I guess some do care that we are trying to making a statement with our presence, even if small.
We are kickn’t today after a busy day of here n there running yesterday. LZ wanted to finish up her reports for the Japan Mag. So today, I get to rest mostly, no driving Miss Daisy. So for now, it is some blogging, Latin Jazz on the internet, some reading, then a little boat stuff, maybe slip some musical instrument connection in there somewhere, later this PM


Mexico kind of grows on you. A few days ago we went to a Local Art show in a small local museum. Not really my kind of Art, but interesting, fot my camera. It was interesting to feel the vibes of Artsy people again. Reminds me of how much I miss doing ceramics and the sharing of other student’s Chi in class/studio. Also going to misc open studios around the Bay. Visual Arts engery is different from, musical Art Energy. Both are good, but for shore ( a lil sailing/water related visual verbal pun) different. Kind of like “Leo” fire Chi is different from “Aries” fire Chi, but they mix easily and often, being the same nature.
Anyway I digress. There are some interesting and gifted artist here in Mexico.
I came across these sculptures on my bike ride back from visiting a  canvas guy to do some work on the ZenCat. Finally now since I have the material, I can have the side and front finshed on the dodger. I am hopeful it will be finished before we need to leave. 
Over all Ensenada is a comfortable place, If not for heading for Japan I could stay here. Make a few adjustments and setup a comfortable life. LZ and I have spoken if life changes to a different path once we are done with our family giri in Japan, Ensenada could be a place to consider returning to live. Yet, every place (mostly) is nice when you are visiting, and we will be older then…anyway something to keep on the back of the mind, considerign Japan is having issues, with earthquakes, radiation, air pollution from China, bomb threats from Korea…jheez!
Some of the last thing on the agenda for Ensenada was a visit to wine country. LZ had to do several write ups for her Japan Mag contract. We visited several, some on pare with Northern Ca, others very small and family run. Although there are many small family wineries in NorCal as well. So other than the location of some of them were as in being back in NorCal.
Some of the managers, help, were very helpful. One even let us in after he had closed and gave us a private wine tasting . 
There were several that needed to have appointment made, we did, and were the only ones on the small tour. Another there were two gents from Cal also with us on the Pleasant Tour. 
The wines for the most part were blends of wines, not just a pure grape. At least for the Red. There was one winery that gave us a taste from two diferent wines. Both had the same blend and aging. But tasted different. One group of grapes were grow at low level. The other group was grown in the mountians. Surprising how different the taste. 

The wineries were pleasant, but the highlight for me, since I was driving and did not sample much wine, was the Pizza place. We…I had to drive via some very old, dirt roads, up in the mtn foots hills. 

Then on to what looked like someone’s huge yard, then up the hill to the house. It was packed with people, still some chairs open but there were a lot of folks. 
Even still more came as we had our off the hook good pizza. Not just good… For Mexico… Just Good for anywhere!
As far as the trip , the next step is getting closer. Getting the canvas done will be a relief, even though it is not critcal to have. I will make sometimes life more comfortable. That is a plus for a journey of this size for us. As we are new to this, a mental lift from small comforts is a biggie for mental mind set. For me mind training now takes on a larger, even a more traditional perspective.
 The longer Meditations, the daily Tai Chi/Chi Gong/Hsing Yi, help to train, calm and focus the mind. I have been getting some Kyudo time in af’er the other practices are done. Not really a lot. Just a few shots with a Gomuyumi doing full Tai Hai.
 This is also a good mind balance. Focused, relaxed, calm, starp, clear, of mind, yet no mind. This is needed for “Zen” Sailing. I know that just Sailing is not enough for the undertaking at hand, with this distance, and facing the powers of Nature and the Ocean. We maybe blessed with a boring passage, still there are the times of illusions of aloneness, of trials with people unlike the same mind as one’s self or travel companions. As the Buddhist thought goes, it is all in the mind, how we perceive it, is how it is, at least for us.  This were the cross training shows itself, Kung Fu training balanced with Chan. Staying calm, clear, focused, mindful, yet mindless, under combat. In Kyudo, since there is no one to fight the final outcome is not shown by death or amount of pain by another it is shown in the arrow. Did it hit, how did it fly, how did it strike and where.  No, life or death grips here. But still a battle, a struggle, that is overcome, not just with technical skill, but  attunement. In a sense Sailing brings it back full circle to combat in Kung Fu, life-n-death. Sail well, you live, sail badly, you die or get hurt.   
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