Posted by: Zen | April 19, 2013

TPEP: a run for the border


There was a one time a TV commercial from a Taco fast food place, “run for the border” was their slogan, making a late night or whenever run, for their Mexican fast food. One could fill up their fuel/food level. Kind of like what needed to do, which meant a “run” for the Mexican Border as well. Weds morning at o-dark thirty LZ and I walked over to the car rental to  pickup our vehicle for a trip back state side. Once we got the car pickup sorted out, since the guy there was not on top of things and the rental place was basically closed being it was 5:30 am, he just worked for the hotel night as a night clerk, with filling in on the car stuff when
someone dropped off or picked up.
We stopped by and pickup our my homie and his woman since they wanted a ride with us to pickup their car in San Diego. It was a nice ride along the beach route, Hwy 1 from Ensenada to Tijuana. 
It was a toll road. The restrooms were amazing, clean , new, with armed guards at each station.
One felt safe in a weird sort of way. There were three tolls of $2.55 ea before we reached the border. It was about 1.5 ride to reach the border. Then everything slowed to a crawl getting up to the border crossing and across. The lines were long, and moved slow. There were many many many locals the selling stuff and services from car to car, some with portable stands of food, fruit and phone, mp3 player charger cords, in between the cars slowly rolling along. Some of the folks were pretty nice, we joked with a few. What they really need is a toilet concession stand, some kind of roll along porta potti, that would make someone some money money money.
Once finally across the border and back in the Land of the Free, random road checks and Monsanto, things went pretty smooth. We did our major shopping, going from one place to another gather stuff we needed. Stop at the post office for mailing, the bank, over friend’s houses. Stock up on some wine, snacks, vits, a few misc parts. 
Half way between San Diego and LA we went through an US Border patrol block, where we were questioned on who , where, etc. LZ was shocked, that nowhere near the border we are stopped and questioned like that. I thought we were in America she says, can they do that? Yes I said, and no, they can stop us but, we did not have to answer, but it is faster and easier to do so. They may not have even questioned us, but we are driving a car with Mexican plates…
One of the things about cruising, it is not all about some exotic place and smooth sailing, but about restocking, what to buy, where to store, what is the cost, do we have enough money (at least for us). 
This is our second of such a large stock up. The last, oddly enough was in the same area we just left. Seal Beach/Long Beach. It was nice that I already knew where the stores we needed where located. This time it was more stuff and a longer haul back to the boat. We will still need a few small things before heading off to the French Poly, those can be dealt within Mexico.   
Anyway we made all of our planned stops except one. A trip to a Japanese Market. There was just not enough time. That is the one thing we had to blow off doing. Our last stop was at a Kyudo friend’s house to drop off some cuban cigars from Mexico as a gift, along with some Hibiscus flowers for tea.
Then it was back on the road for Mexico. It was a thankfully quiet four-hour drive, in the early darkness of the waxing hours of Thursday. Back to Ensenada. LZ was shocked to find how easy it was to cross the border going into Mexico. We just got wave through and were on our way. We arrived back at the Zenamaran around 2:00 am. After the unload of two dock carts full of stuff, returned the rental, putting a few things away. I finally crashed into bed about 5:00 am., knackered, as my bud, Maria the Brit would say. It was a worthwhile trip. However it did feel a bit strange being back in the States, then turning around and heading back to Mexico and our home on the ZenCat.
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