Posted by: Zen | March 9, 2013

TPEP: Update

I have a new iPad app called, Blog Doc. It is very cool, I can change all kinds of stuff like using this cooler font. Makes it more like I am writing a personal note to you ne! Gives the blog and more personal feel. I am giving it a test run so I figured I would update.
Today is rainy, cold and even some hail. Not a fun day to be out sailing, however an acquaintance of mine is doing just that. He and a partner are heading for Japan. Oh , it is also Friday. I hope they will be ok. I went out to take down my yacht flags and got soaked!
Currently I am working on still working on minor boat projects around the ZenCat. Thngs that I wanted to do in Alameda but were to minor to deal with when there, as there were other important projects to do. It is good to have this down time for that.
I have signed up for the Pacific Puddle Jump if I did not say that in my last post. I am not sure if we will really do it, but it does put me in the mix. Since we have our approach to Japan now planned for Nov, we have some three months to kill someplace if we leave here in May. Things that i am reading about the Marshalls and Micronisa do not fill me with a real dsesire to go there and hang out.
Also if we are going to be sailing for a cause the more people that see our banners and flags the better. There are over 100 boats signed up for the puddle jump, including two boats belonging to friends from Japan and perhaps our Taiwan friends. We will have company which is nice.
The big thing working on now is the battery issue. Getting and maintaining  power to run the auto pilot not full time but enough to make it helpful and useful on the crossing. I read about a couple who’s auto pilot went out on them ealry out on a past Puddle jump. They hand steered during th day then just hove-to and slept at night. I heard of another older couple doing that also. That maybe a good way to go although slow, it is less stressful and tiring. Something to consider with a power based auto pilot. Sun to recharge the batteries during the day, only LED anchor light and running lights at night along with the AIS on, and resting at night. We would not have power issues with the batteries. Does not sound too bad other than the time lost while hove- to. However I do not care for all night sailing and with no auto-pilot, sailing only during the day and a few hours at night does not sound too bad. We could sail from 6:00 am until 7 or 8pm then hove-to eat , relax, sleep. Something to consider. Any opinons on this? Ofcourse we would have to be well out of the shipping lanes. A day or so of sailing should take care of that.
Ensenada, is getting more comfrotable as we stay here. LZ said she could live here part time, if we could afford to go back and forth to Japan. I could deal with that also. I am not looking forward to winters in Japan. We will see what the Tao has in store once we reach Japan. If we can make some decent money and after our family obligations are done…who knows.
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  1. I like the font. Good move, joining the Puddle Jump. Hope you get the battery situation straightened out. My dad had a problem sailing from San Diego to Maui many years back. One of his crew threw the engine’s oil filter overboard on the 3rd day out, and THEN discovered that they didn’t have a new one that fit! So no more recharging the batteries and soon he was navigating solely by the stars….

  2. November, huh? We’re about as far from the sea as you can get in Japan, but if you feel like a trek up into the mountains, you should drop us a line.

    Sailing sure looks like the life.

    • One day we may just do that!

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