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TPEP: La Vida en Mexico

La vida generalmente

Things are for the most part good. We are adapting to the new life. This would not be a bad place to retire to, with a small bit of land for a small house, dojo and a garden. Who know maybe we will come back. The weather is getting warmer, which for me is always a good thing , I hate being cold.

Photo Mar 03, 10 23 34 AM (1)

Almost 1 month now here in Ensenada, less a day or so. It took some adjustment, but things are fairly good, other than the water which is bad. There is a work around that, which cost, but it is not too bad. The price for drinking water is reasonable. $5.00 for 10 gals. delivered.

Photo Feb 25, 4 24 54 AM

Photo Feb 25, 4 19 25 AM

We have done a couple of small tourist things, visiting a natural cheese farm. They had cows which are only used to milk for cheese. Happy cows, no death smell in the air! They showed us the process and lastly gave everyone some samples with a glass of wine and bread. OMG good! We took some home. The cheese not the cows.

Photo Feb 25, 3 51 33 AM

Photo Feb 25, 5 09 12 AM

Another place we went is called the blow hole. ( Bufadora) a place were the rock forms a place were the ocean shoot up in a spray. there were a lot , a lot , a lot of souvenir shops there. I heard people complain because the vendors can be pushy. We went on a weekday when most are thankfully closed.

Photo Feb 26, 12 25 51 AM

I have started my morning solo practice again now we are settled more. I start fairly early, however, I need to make even earlier as not to have the misc onlookers. I like the solitude and not feeling like the entertainment . I have found a place by the marina on the water front. There are usually a lot of people out and about, even starting early since it is a nice location. So I need to get before they start. After my morning Zazen. There is Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi. then a bit more Zazen. Just the basics, I will add some Mantis and Weapons drills as I feel more comfortable. I wish there was someplace to do Kyudo, but alas I will have to make do with just some misc parts. Even a small part is better than none, even if sometimes it is just mental. The mind is the controlling factor anyway…ne!

Photo Feb 17, 10 02 51 PM

La Problemas

The power system on the ZenCat is not up to the requirements of the autopilot for long periods. I was told that, and I know, but it is even shorter than expected , at least right now. I have been informed by the ex-owner the battery bank is about 5 yrs old. Which in Battery yrs means over the hill for the most part. If it was just light use, it would most likely be ok for another yr or so, but with the heavy drain of the auto pilot… not good. I have noticed that the house bank never really comes up to full according to the digital solar gauge. So the first thing I need to do is borrow a charger from the Boat Yard here to try to fully charge them. Then do a test load. However I am guessing they need to be replaced after 5 yr$. Not good. More drain on limited resources.

When we did the tourist thing at the Bufadora ( blowhole) I backed stepped over a low rock to keep from getting wet in the big blow I was waiting for to take a picture of exploding. I fell and landed on my arm and hand, the injury was minor, but the camera which  held on to, hit right on the lens and would not close or open again. More drain. On the good side it could have been much worse. I had my iPad on my side which escaped unharmed thankfully, I wold have cried if that broke. Also my injuries were slight, no chipped or broken bones, or large cuts. I am grateful for that.

Photo Feb 25, 11 29 43 AM

The death shot..RIP

 La Decepciónes

We have our laundry sent out here. The Boat Yard has a service pickup. It is something like $10.00 for under 15lbs. Our first time LZ weighed and it was just a little over we were charged the next higher amount about $15.00. It was a small surprise but, we figured ok, our fault. The next load a few days ago was 14.5 lb . We got a bill for $18.00! Shocked! I did not have enough money with me at the time so went back to get more cash, LZ says What!! how is that possible? It for sure is less than before, but we get charged almost double! No way! I will not pay! She went off to the office, with the scale. The harbor master was called in, everyone looked at the weight and the shop owner was called. It was confirmed it should be the $10.00 price. Turns out the pickup guy was pocketing the extra cash, since there was no receipt or verification of weight when the pickup is made. Lesson learned. we will put the weight on the clothes or weigh them in front of the gate attendant when leaving the load. I, who hate making scenes was just going to not use them again, but LZ has no problem with making a fuss. It worked out she did ( she is a good balance for me at times, I am still a work in progress). I am wondering if the gate attendant was not in on this, he looked and seemed bummed, as in disappointed not apologetic when I came back later and paid the correct amount.

Photo Mar 02, 9 31 01 AM

Our one Ensenada keepsake from a local artist

I have been seeking someone to finish our dodger project. I had thought doing it here in Mexico would be cheap. I recall back in the day, people would come here to get their car interior redone, and about half the cost of the States. I had the Boat Yard here call in someone to give me an estimate. I thought it was high. Plus they added on 20% service charge as their cut. I was shocked comparing it to the small work I had done in the States. I made the acquaintance of a local sailor who gave me a local contact. I thought I could get a better price direct from someone. One day I walked some 3 miles to his shop in the hot sun into deep Ensenada. I was going on very rough direction on how to get there. When I had someone call the person on the phone could not give me a direct address and location only a rough idea. After much travel and asking I found the place. After all that Wrong! his was higher than even with the 20% for the boat Yard. sigh. Come to find out the cost of the material is much higher here which adds major to the fee. My next step was to get the materials myself then hire locally to do the sewing only. After finding a copy brand of Sunbrella on ebay the cost came to $110.00 instead of almost 500.00 to buy local. The labor is reasonable and perhaps now that I know what the Spanish word for upholstery is and saw several shops on my walk through the Barrio, I can  even a better price on the labor with my materials. Then too it maybe better to have the Boat Yard recommended person do the work only even paying the yard their cut.

I have been trying to get in touch with the people from Eco-flag/GSA for several months. Emails, notes on their Facebook PM, but sadly no responses. Very disappointing since I am just trying to get a new flag and some handouts to post and give -a-ways on the recycling cause. The last response, many months ago was how pleased they were about our trip and activities. Now, nothing. How weird and sad. I am thinking I need to associate with another Eco-group. It is not like I am asking for money…sigh

These are normal disappointments which come from dealing with unknown people. The bigger ones come from acquaintances, which I will not go into. Yet, one has to wonder if the let down is on the shoulders of the person(s) not following up on what they say, or in oneself for having expectations of people, because people are people. These things are also a good reminder to self, to keep my word. I am good at it, sometimes slow though… I guess I need work on that.

Anyway it is not all fun and games out here. Within Joy there is sadness, a Zen master told me his teacher told him that.

The Yin/Yang symbol covers life and it’s multi expressions. It is not just about balance and for Kung Fu, hot cold etc… it is life.

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  1. Into every life some dukkha must fall. It can be instructive. Glad you are OK after the fall.

    Nice pictures.

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