Posted by: Zen | February 20, 2013

TPEP : Viva Mexico

TPEP: viva Mexico

Mexico, we made it and have been here for a short while now as I make this final catchup post. The first week or so, it was an adjustment. I felt strange, not strange weird, but strange out of sorts and not connected.

We went through a fair amount of the normal hassle of checking in legally to the country. It overall went smooth. There were a couple of small bumps, but it could have been a lot worse. So nice they changed everything into one building. It was over in about 2-3 hours, hit the green light and we were free…Yatta!

Photo Feb 06, 1 05 26 PM

Once landed in port and settled I contacted some friends from the Bay Area who were also in Ensenada. we went out for the famous local fish Tacos. They , the Tacos were good, LZ loved them! She over the next few days had some almost every day!

Photo Feb 06, 6 59 37 AM

Photo Feb 06, 4 50 38 PM

That was ok really , they are fresh, cheap, available all over. Well with in our limited budget. The fresh local food is very affordable !! Which is part of our reason for being here. We could not afford to live in the states, pay rent and eat on our budget…how sad is that after working some forty years.

The first few days other than, eating , sleeping, and exploring with the carnival in town, I spent time on the net, reading, and doing misc small stuff on the boat, even played my shakuhachi . Though more time spent just goofing off, with Japanese anime . I deserved a break.

Photo Feb 10, 3 52 07 AM

Now having been here for a while I am developing a routine again, increased meditation time, getting out to do motion Chan ( tai chi and related chi gong) and walks. Also boat repairs which I put off in order to set sail, I am catching up on now. As wells as some of the medium size projects, like finishing the dodger for the Zenamaran. I have contacted a local canvas guy to make, to continue to make the windscreen which was started in Long Beach. I am hopeful it will be well within reason for him to finish the job ( it was not). At least to give us some shielding on three sides. The back side will need to be addressed later depending not the cost of finishing the front. I am waiting for an estimate.

Photo Feb 10, 4 25 13 AM

As I said earlier the carnival was in town for the first week of our stay here. It was so so interesting. A lot of people, a LOT of police and military around on guard . That was surprising , but understandable with so much liquor to be had and legal to be drinking in public. It was however loud! Late into the night and wee hours of the morning we got an earful being right next to town in the marina are staying.

There is much to think about and plan for our next leg. It is nice we have a few months to prepare. LZ has gotten a contract with a Japanese magazine to write several articles on Ensenada. She is Jazzed ( HAPPY), she loves it here, the food, the vibe, and not feeling discriminated against. Me I am so so about the city. In a way it is good, affordable food, and rent, weather is ok, people are nice, but I feel my progress is limited here, no Chan, Kyudo, Kung fu family, ceramics, work, etc, my spirit is in Japan. However with practicing again on my own and doing boat projects I feel some sense of comfort and purpose, and can see some of the beauty and charm here in this place. I guess my spirit opened more. If circumstances where different, I could retire here, there are some real advantages, once one adapted well.

If you wish to see more pictures of our trip and Ensenada, visit our a facebook page.

I am very unsure about the next steps , Hawaii, expensive, hard to find docking space, Marshall Islands, limited access to anything, excluding fresh affordable food, same with Micronisa. Not to mention the crime in both places I hear about. Then too I hear about the crime and dangers of Mexico as well. Really must put continued trust in the Tao. I have no power…or money. I like being in these other places, but the travel there is not so much fun. So far it has been cold, no sailing only motoring. I am not really looking forward to 3 weeks of cold on the open sea. So spring looks good. I hope it will be a pleasant spring.

I have friends who are heading off to Japan shortly, it would be great to buddy boat with them, but, there is no time to make ready. Also LZ is quite pleased about her contract with the magazine and wants to fully explore Ensenada and do her writing. Perhaps expand to other places a long the way, where as they are are only stopping in Hawaii and Guam. Both are on the well beaten track of Japan tourist stops. It is not much money in her writing, but is is helpful and gives us for now 12 months of extra income, which perhaps could turn into more, which we will need in Japan.

A Zen master once told me, inside of joy there is sadness.

There is also the opportunity to do the Pacific puddle jump to French Poly. We have a friend from Japan enrolled in that and will be here late April. Since our need to be in Japan sooner than later has changed. Perhaps that is a more interesting way to go. The first leg is much longer though, but after that small steps and perhaps a more pleasant , safer, interesting sail. Something to consider. Two big things with weigh on that choice is , money and getting the auto pilot to function for long periods.

On the local front, I found a Kung Fu to visit the other day. I went out last night to visit. While walking via the local hood, I was stopped by the police, not. Just the local police these guys were SWAT, dressed in black. Even with the talk of corruption, it was less scary as a man of color to be stopped by them than the LAPD. I gave them my ID, and said , with no attitude, I was looking for the local Kung Fu school.

Photo Feb 18, 2 22 12 AM

After a short question about the key card on my belt, which I said was from the local marina they looked at my Cal Lic., said goodbye I said thanks, and I walked on. The Force was with me. _/|\_

On an ecological note. I see around the tourist areas, lots of recycle binds and the marina water are kept fairly free of trash, fairly.

Photo Feb 08, 2 42 08 AM

Outside of here in the local part, not so much. There is less of an effort to keep things clean, among the poorer class.

Photo Feb 08, 2 14 14 AM

Although the public gathering places are kept up. Another thing here is public toilets are not free. There is a .50 cent charge. I am guessing this helps the upkeep and to stay clean. Public toilets in the States are free, but many times filthy except just after they are cleaned.

Photo Feb 13, 11 42 32 PM

So spending 5 pesos for a clean place to answer nature is not so bad. Another thing I notice is that the local shops are kept pretty dark. This maybe be to save money on power cost more so than conserving power, however it is the same in a way.

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