Posted by: Zen | February 18, 2013

TPEP: Next stop Mexico

We slowly made our passage down the San Diego Channel to the open sea. I watched the lights in the dark like colored lighting bugs, I watch the GPS, I listened, all went well. There were fishing boats or something here and there which I kept and eye on. Soon we were out out in open sea. I was surprised how much light the shore gave off in the darkness. One side pitch black , the other shadowy with reflective lights on the water. The sky was clear, on we motored in the quasi darkness.

After a relative short time of cautious headway, sometimes changing course to make sure I was not intercepting the changing lights around me at sea, I could see what I determined to be the border. The GPS and my night vision where in agreement. We were approaching , then cross the border, we were not in the USA any more. I could tell from the line of lights on the shore, even not seeing them before. I said nothing, but felt much. Relief , gratitude, anxiety, a touch of fear, pleasure . We made it this far, it was a long trip , still many mile to go, yet this was a big milestone …an on we motored.

At dawn, I turned the helm over to Mushashi-san. What a welcome break it was to stretch , health and relax. I let LZ sleep she was pretty out of it.


With Musashi-San at the wheel, I could move around a bit and did not feel trapped, as I kept a sharp eye on things . There were islands out there, I did not want to be near one, more so i did not want to encounter one.


There was one moment , well really more than a moment after we had past the half way mark. I saw breakers on the shoreline,  I felt this was way too close!  even with the shore off still further, perhaps there was some change in the water depth, a shoal, I headed more offshore. However as I watched and turned away the shore line did not seem to be moving. I turned off shore more, still after what seemed like a long time , we were in the same spot, so I thought. I started to feel like I was in some type of Twilight  Zone, or Outer Limits show. I turned the ZenCat away even more, I looked away, I steered away, yet we seemed to be at the same spot. Ok. I thought perhaps the current is pushing us toward the shore. I gave the Honda more power, we moved, I steered more off-shore, I looked…to my mind nothing changed. I knew I was tripping, and my mind playing tricks, yet there was a small cloud of doubt, even fear in the base of my heart…devils triangle came to mind, the ship wreaked racers from Newport beach, Carlos Castaneda…
I have the motor a little more juice. I check the GPS, I did not look at the shore line, having watched too many SciFi shows, lacking sleep I did not want to freak myself out in the light fog. Perfect setting for that kind of Sci Fi show, happening…Slowly we pulled away from the shore line and the marker I had set in my mind. I breathed, we motored on.

I was with no small relief as I watched the shore line and the markers fall to the rear of my sight line…still every once in a while I checked. We moved ever closer to Ensenada.

A short while later Mushashi cut off. I reengaged him, a short while later he cut off again. I determined by instinct that it was a power issue and switch on both batteries, since the outboard was giving a small charge and the sun was not out enough to make full use of the solar array. This helped for a while. something to be addressed later.

By the time we reach Ensenada bay I was hand steering again. It was ok, we were almost there. I could see the huge Mexico flag in the near distance.



I raised the quarantine We motored on,  now the wind had picked up some and with the right angle I could get some help from the wind spirit.



Slowly. Entered the Ensenada port, I made a call to the dockmaster, who told me to hold on while he checked out reservation wight he office. Meanwhile I w in the port. LZ report to me that the is a man waving at us ahead. I think that this our contact I follow his wave into the slip he is located. After thanking him for his help with the dock line I ask are you Arturo in Spanish. No he says. I ask is this Baja Naval, again he says no. That is that way , another marina. I thank him, apologize and we leave. I tell LZ our spot and were we are going, in a short bit, she says she has located it. I follow here directions, just about the same time, the Asst-dock master  calls me on the VHF, and tells me my slip. Which I am already bearing down on. LZ is happy with the location, near to the main walkway and harbor building. We turn in as the asst dockmaster walks down the walkway and welcomes us.





Photo Feb 06, 4 38 56 AM

We had made it to Ensenada!, Yatta!

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