Posted by: Zen | February 5, 2013

TPEP: Long Beach

As we are still bouncing around as it were, it is taking some time to update this. We got fogged in today so there is some down time waiting for our cast off time.

Long Beach /Seal Beach

We moved from San Pedro to Seal Beach at the same time the Wind Charmer crew took off for Dana Point. I had made some arrangements with the Seal Beach Yacht Club for a few days at a slip via one of their members.

Photo Jan 18, 12 12 26 AM

What a huge blessing that turned out to be. We ended up being able to stay there for 2 weeks…free!!!, Yup Free. Huge blessing for us. We are so grateful for that. Also that my friend let me his car for most of that time was huge. We were able to reprovision, get parts, visit other friends , I got some Kyudo time in, it was great!! Beyond great it was huge!

Photo Jan 14, 2 24 21 AM

One of the places was the famous amongst boaters , Minney’s the salvage boat yard. There I was able to purchase a used steering wheel so I could finish installing the auto pilot. Another thing on the list was having a wind-screen made for the dodger top. No time to make the full front, but having a small section block some of the wind, cold, spray was , well huge!

Photo Jan 15, 12 51 14 AM

We were able to drive up to the high desert to visit and have dinner with another friend of mine, a former student and her husband. It was a long way but it was worth the trip. They made us a donation of for food stuffs which lasted for several days. Also LZ got to try some fresh made Almond butter which she is now hooked on.

Photo Jan 14, 7 26 16 PM

Kyudo on Sunday with one of my  favorite teachers, who we share not only Kyudo, but Zen practice , and Tai Chi practice . I was asked to lead the pre-shooting Meditation. This was the second time this happened. I just go with it now.

Photo Jan 20, 11 33 13 PM

The time at Seal Beach was a comfortable break, the weather was good, and it gave us a whole new meaning having transportation. Thanks to our friends at the University of Archery for the help and the fishing gear donated to the cause.

Photo Jan 18, 7 53 02 AM

Seal Beach was also a convenient location for our needs from Whole Foods, a Japanese market, Trader Joe’s, West Marine were we got a couple of bowls and plates. The bowls are perfect, for soup, salad, Mocha, and other misc things we need. Importantly, unbreakable, microwave safe ( for the rare times we need that).

Photo Jan 15, 2 27 15 PM

The only down side of the Seal Beach stay was no internet, well no free internet. We had to use our 3G account to access the Net. In that area everyone had their internet signal on lock down. What happened to sharing? Oh well, considering everything else that was a small price to pay for the time there.

Another visit there due to having some wheels, was I was able to visit my favorite Chan coach at his home for a session with his group. However I ended up being the guest speaker, which was a surprise. However again I just go with it now.

I need to list our new supporters on our sponsor page, The University of Archery and God’s Gym Team for their heart gifts to assist our passage.

It was kind of sad to leave Seal Beach but time was nearing when we had to leave the slip space so we made plans to move on. Visitor slips were arranged with Dana Point Yacht club, Oceanside Yacht Club, and Chula Vista Yacht Club. We left after a weekend of relaxing rain, enjoyed from the Zenamaran.


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