Posted by: Zen | January 26, 2013

TPEP:San Pedro…the fork in the river

…the fork in the river.

As we left MDR there were reports of gale winds. We spoke with the USCG at we’re told the report was for 30 km out. But our area had small craft warnings. In the SF Bay small craft warning  are normal everyday sailing. So off we went with some hope of being at one with the Force of the winds rather than the force of Exxon.
As it turned out the winds were not in our favor, Nor that strong. However nature gave us a friendly by providing a huge pod of Dolphins to cross paths with us on the way down to San Pedro that was the excitement for the days…
Until we reach LA Harbor.
As we turned into the harbor the winds picked up ..a lot! From about 3-5 knts to 15- 18. We had to go mostly to nose to nose with it to get to the marina. Once inside, we still had some difficulty . We could not find the marina office. We ended up going down a wrong finger and getting almost trapped but the wind intensity , making turning around near impossible. Our buddy boat got blown down a wrong section then trapped for a while trying to maneuver out. I watched all this and decided to just back all the way out to the main channel. It was a good choice, the correct choice, the Zen way choice.
After all that we made our way to the office and joked around with the office staff as we checked in. We were in good spirits after the trip and safe docking.
The marina was nice, it was clean and well protected. It was much nicer than the first one we stayed at in Oxnard, and cheaper. So it was a nice rest for two days to reorganize. Team WindCharmer also needed to arrange stop over ports for their trip to San Diego.
We spent the next two days the at the Marina at San Pedro. I got into touch with a Kyudo bud and was able to do some errands. It was also time to make plans for a longer stay in Long Beach. This place was ok, but I needed to be closer to my friend and others. Also I was hopeful to get some reciprocal free stay for at least a few days from a Local Yacht Club. We’re as it was moving on time soon for our buddy boat. From here on we would go solo in our directions.
As it turn out I was able to get some free time at a slip near to my friend from the Seal Beach Yacht club. This turned out to be a great blessing. More about that later. WindCharmer got their bookings and they were set to sail the next day.
I had a first thought to leave later in the day, but figured to get an early start and leave with the WindCharmer our departing sail. We met up at the fuel dock and said our goodbyes. It was a good blessing for us to travel with them down the coast. It was a helpful and learning experience. I was glad I was able to contribute in someway to make their trip easier when I was able to arrange the free stay at the PMYC and the time at CIYC which was part free and part just a discount for them.
It was kind of sad to split up after making the trip this far, but this is how cruising life is, all friends sail off in other directions. Life on a mini scale.
We sailed out of the marina together. I turned and stayed inside the break wall as they sailed out. We said our sayonara over the radio as the wall of stones separated us, our boats, our journeys .
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