Posted by: Zen | January 24, 2013

TPEP : Marina Del Rey

TPEP: Marina Del Rey…closer to home

As we left the channel island harbor, the surf was high on the entrance, and breaking on the wall. Across the month of the entrance, the was no break but there was a rolling surf headed toward shore. It was not dangerous , but it could be a little testy. If  one was not paying attention to boat and wave angles. I was lucky enough to chose a good one and we went through fairly smooth
A short while once through the surge we settled in at speed of 5 kts. Heaiding down the coast to our next port o call, Marina Del Rey.
This passage was our first sighting of more than the lone Dolphin, we saw several, they swam with the boat for a bit then took off.
I have called ahead to make the arrangement this time. One club the Del Rey Yacht Club, told me only groups, l which are “clubs” not associations get admittance to their club. I tried another. The Pacific Mariner Yacht Club. They welcome, me and our buddy boat. These folks were amazingly helpful. I did not spend a lot of time out an about, but the buddy boat had much help from them. I chatted with a few of the members from time to time and got offered a ride to the supermarket. We had lots of help getting the boats docked and tied, and also plenty of help launching. Of course a large part of that could have been for self preservation of their own boats :-)
Supplies in Marina Del Rey are not a convenient lil hop skip and a jump away. Their is and small expensive market near by with in walking distance. There is a large super market, banks, post office and misc shops with in bike riding distance. About 20-30 min worth of biking. I did it twice in one day.
I needed to get a money order to send off payment MIYC membership hopefully I could get a little more respect at some places with the name . ” Yacht Club”. The only place around to do this was this little mall area. I rode over there early only to find the shops and the like we’re closed due to an power outage. I came back, tired, disappointed , a second time in the late afternoon, after being yelled at by the police for riding on the sidewalk, to find the same. sigh! The next day was a success…Yatta.
The wifi, which is important these days, was excellent at the PMYC. Thank you guys! That always is helpful and saves us money from use of our 3G plans.
Finally after a few days of rest and a waiting for the weather winds to calm we set off yet again, this time for Long Beach/San Pedro. It was a good visit to Marina Del Rey and the Pacific Mariner Yacht Club.
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  1. I sailed in Marina Del Rey a few times – back when I was a teen with a Snipe.
    Wow, stuck in suberbia – the American landscape designed around the automobile. Grew up in that kind of environment. Not pretty. Not friendly for folks who travel by other means.

    Ah well, all that will change for you when you get to Japan – land of public transportation.

    Nice to hear the folks around there were good to you and helped you out. Harbors in general and the American West are full of good folk.

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