Posted by: Zen | January 8, 2013

PEP: Morro Bay to Point Conception prt 2

We were up at 6:00 am raising the anchors. Oh my God that was a struggle. The 30 lb Bruce , with 24 ft of chain. Heavy heavy heavy. Got that done, next the Fortress not as bad but since I had pulled up the Bruce I was low on reserve Ci power. The Fortress is not as heavy nor does it have as much chain, but it does have an extra dinghy weight on the rode to keep it flat and a lot of mud! I finally got it up. I tried the newly mounted windless, but I did not think to try it before so could not get it to work, and rushing does not help…anytime or thing. I gave up and used body power, it worked , I breathed a bit took a quick pause and then we were off.

The sky was brightening slowly in the east as we set off. The Southwest wind in our face meant motoring , after the sky turn light we raised the sails but still motored sailed.
Over all it was a good sail. We made good time. One of our buddy boats had a bit of problem with sea sickness and her boom coming off the mast. She was able to handle both and kept on sailing and at some point passes me. I was always the last boat, never pushing it.


When we approched the Cape Zone. We did not know what to expect. The forecast was for mild conditions, but… conditions have been been known to change…fast. As we approached I could in my mind hear some kind of sound track like movie theme, like on those epics when they are going into danger, or like the Hobbit going on the adventure , just before all heck breaks loose! Along with the music was the bible Pslams, yay thou I walk (sail) through the valley of the shadow of death…,

Yeah I know I was being a bit dramatic , but still it could happen. As it was it did not, there was a few spots of roughness, but nothing we had not been through before. One of the dangers of the area is the sudden high power gusts. I had set the sails to be able to sail, but handle some gust. A couple of times I did get a couple of gust that set the ZenCat from 5 knots to 9.5 quickly. , but it was not a problem. I am glad though I was at the helm and not LZ who was on her break.


We were blessed that day and had a good sail on New Years Eve.

We rounded the point happy and headed into the Archorage, called Cuho or something like that. The known rest stop for those travel north or south. It was lovely and peaceful. There we enjoyed the final sunset of 2012. I do not recall now if I did two anchors or one, anyway, I slept better still not fully but better.


Also the first moon of the new year…



The holding was much better. We all went to sleep looking forward to Santa Barbara and a comfortable rest…so we thought.

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  1. Excellent experience and knowledge being gathered by sailing down the coast before the big crossing. Wise move. Happy New Year.

    • Ne! Akimashite Omedetou!

  2. Hey Zen,
    I hope you’re planning on adding another battery bank and solar panel for your new auto helm! If you’re not than you will probably end up running that little stinker more than you ever anticipated. I just have to say, 12 volt auto helms are the second biggest electricity draw under refrigeration and ultimately they create more problems than they solve. On our trip to Hawaii in 2006 the only system that died on us on that trip was the Raymarine (wheel steering) auto-helm and it was a good thing to because it forced us to use the Monitor Windvane and leave the engine in the off position for 95% of that adventure.
    Please believe me when I say I’m not trying to rain on your parade I’m just saying that mechanical is the only way to go when it comes to self steering.
    If you look at the Scanmar website you will see quite a few great set ups for multi-hulls there and in the long run (which you are doing) you won’t regret it.
    In the mean time, good luck and fair winds…

  3. Yo James, thanks for the 411, but all I can do is work with what I have. Yet, who knows what the tide will bring ;-)

    Fair winds my friend.

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