Posted by: Zen | December 27, 2012

The Pacific Eco Passage – Morro Bay

We came into Morro Bay 10 days ago, tired, hungry wet here and there, expecting to stay only a day or two. After getting the run down on the rules and signing in, we settled down. We were told, were we were was good for the night, other arrangements would be made tomorrow. Things stayed as they were for the next day as well, however we would HAVE to move on Sunday, by 9:00 am


It was suggested we could go to the public dock just up the way for the day. Not a problem. Sat. we did a little bit of a walk around to check out the local digs and had a very nice Thai dinner with the Wind Charmer crew. Good and fairly cheap.


We corrected some things on the boat that had gone through some changes during the trip. That night we slept well feeling more refreshed for Sunday. I awoke earlier so not to wait until the last min. to move and be a bother. The weather was not looking great that day, overcast not much wind. There was to be an ocean race, so the big boat were there. I had moved the ZenCat to the public dock and we hung out there for most of the day other than a walk around town.

Photo Dec 21, 12 27 35 AM

Photo Dec 18, 3 56 37 AM

At the Public dock there were a couple of other boats, and later some fishing boats. The large power yachts stopped in and were also looking for over night space. As the docking at the club was first come first come first serve, I keep a close eye ( paranoid eye) on the Yacht club dock. Once I thought it was over and moved the boat back there only to be told the race was still on. Feeling foolish I went back to the Pubic dock and walked back to the YC.

After a while of hanging out I was told I could come back to the spot I was in, yea! I quickly rushed back and moved back to where we were the night before, with much relief we did not have to pickup a mooring ball for the night. It would not have really been a big deal other than needing to use Kannon the dinghy to get to the club house to shower. Which is really the only thing we could do there as we have limited access to the YC. That and no shore power. Still not a big deal, we had already anchored over night .

Morro Bay is a nice little town, full of things one would not expect from a little town. LZ was quite taken with the place. Over the next few days, we found several thrift stores, where I got shoes and a wool sweater, a super market, a movie house and some other things we were interested in.

Photo Dec 18, 2 26 08 PM (1)



Photo Dec 18, 2 25 48 PM


Photo Dec 19, 1 24 47 AM

We had not planned on spending Christmas here, however with storms coming in one after another, we will be here for a while. This is good and bad. I will have time to try to get my autopilot installed, it is cheaper here than Santa Barbara and things are within walking distance, we are safe at the dock with power and internet (most times, it is kind of flaky). The bad thing, it throws our travel plans way off. I am not sure what to do about that. This is not a good time for traveling. Everyone who was here when we arrived going south is still here. The Wind Charmer crew took off on a bus to go spend the Holiday with family the other 3 or 4 boats are here we us, waiting.

Reports are things are better in the Southland, once we get there. Still there is the issue of finding dock space, affordable dock space. Our finances are scary. I can get a couple of days free here and there but nothing reasonable for any length of time. Then there is the Pacific to cross at a time when the surges are the highest and then making it to Guam by mid to late April. I have been told by mid May the typhoon season will be upon us. Not that we can not go then but the risk is higher.

I will need to stay open to the voice of the Tao. For now we practice stillness, listen to the rain and prepare for the next leg. Another two-day trip, that is when the Tao says … go!



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  1. Well… this time of year, you may be in Morro Bay for the winter?

    • That would be sad. However a possibility. Yet , we are where we are for a reason.

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