Posted by: Zen | December 19, 2012

The Eco Passage – Monterey

We arrived in Monterey, safely and dry. Always good a thing. Monterey felt like a milestone…and it was We had made it on the 3 rd day as planned and settled in. The timing was good.

Monterey was nice, good weather, calm winds at the time. I was impressed how clean the water inside the bay was. However later there were several dead birds afloat at the dock which was sad. I heard later from another Eco minded traveller that she had saw a number of them , in Half Moon bay and Monterey.

Photo Dec 12, 10 44 34 PM


Our friends from our backyard in Alameda were there. Also as it turned out just back from L.A.( by car) just about the time we arrived. As I walked around the marina looking for their slip, I encountered the Skipper of s/v WindCharmer unloading his car. It was good to see him. We walked down to the boat where I surprised his wife’ by being there. They had left our dock in Alameda about two weeks before us. I was unsure if we would meet again other than perhaps in LA or San Diego, if we went. The Tao has it’s own ways and plans.

Photo Dec 11, 9 23 43 PM

We chatted a bit then, I took off to let them get settled after their trip and I needed to finish putting the Zenamaran to bed. We spoke of meeting the next day. In Monterey we have several friends. One is our oldest and first Blasian couple friends.

Photo Dec 14, 11 50 29 PM

We had just seen them a couple of weeks before for Thanksgiving. The wives had spoke on the phone once they found we had landed, and it was arranged to met the next day for dinner. It was fun as always. We have a no drama relationship. Zurui-San is the founder of Black we made our first contact there on his site. When he and his wife from Tokyo came to America we met up there in Monterey. We hung out that evening at their home with them and the kids.

We had expected to be in town for several days. However Team Wind Charmer informed me, that the weather window was upon us and the time was good leave in a day. So we had one more day of visiting with our friends after a sail planning meeting with Team Wind Charmer.

We spent one more evening visiting with our friends and celebrating Afro Eric Day. Afro Eric is a show personna created by our friend when he was living in Tokyo. (See

Photo Dec 13, 11 20 57 AM

The visit was a short but nice visit to Monterey. I have a Chan sister who also lives in Monterey , however I did not get a chance to visit. Sadly I was unable to contact her before we set off.

The next day we fueled the boats and set off around noon, for our next test. The overnighter to Morro Bay.

Photo Dec 14, 1 02 38 AM

Photo Dec 13, 12 46 10 PM

It was great to have a buddy boat to travel with. If we were on our own I would have made the next leg in three parts, anchoring each night in some little anchoring spot. Honestly I would not have like that. Part of the obstacles involved with that would have been, crab pots, kelp beds, logs…

Photo Dec 12, 3 19 07 AM

So we were off on the next part of the adventure with our colors flying. The weather was good, with a mild wind, and a bright sun…Team Alameda was off…yosh!

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  1. Finally able to follow you again. The posts get more exciting! Bon voyage.

    • Hey hey, good to see …errr, read you again. As things are settled for now and we practice stillness I can catch up blogworld :-)

  2. I like Morrow Bay. Have a friend near there from my high school days, and went there a few times to see a college chum.

    Wish you were landing closer to us in Japan, as I feel I could learn a lot from you philosophically/spiritually, but considering how far you are traveling, anywhere in Japan will be close enough!

    • Morro Bay is a nice little town. There are far worse places to be stuck…er laid over for Christmas.

      We will for sure have to met up in Japan and hangout a bit. Doubtful if I can teach you anything you do not already know. Well other than Kung Fu, and how to Sit, even then I am still learning :-)


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