Posted by: Zen | December 17, 2012

Alameda to Monterey…the passages begins.

It has been a busy time since my last post. As I write this we are in Morro Bay. Over maybe about two hundred miles from our former home in Alameda. It was a sad departure, and for me full of anxiety. The leaving itself was a Zen practice ( everything really is Zen practice). Giving up everything, no money to speak of, no real backup, and having to take care of not just me but LZ…(Kuwaii). Over all a real test of trust in the Tao/Universe/Great Spirit.

We left Alameda about a week ago on an ebb tide at 8:00 am., Sat Dec 8th. Both LZ and myself were teary eyed leaving Alameda. We had an unexpectedly good life there. Even after coming on to the island with no job for me and only her working and me on unemployment. Things worked out, I was blessed with several jobs. The one with Blue Pelican was wonderfully helpful in preparing for this trip. Nice folks to work for and helpful with sailing info and meeting sailors.

The job at the marina was also a Great blessing, not so much on the surface, but the fair pay, and subtle benefits of being staff was another boon. Being able to be a livaboard, have an office space, access to the office equipment when needed… Great.

Photo Nov 19, 1 42 24 PM


A added surprise was having the owner’s son throw me a small bonvoyage party, plus the owner gave me a nice discount on my haul out, which still cost me an arm and leg to get the yard work done…still every blessing and discount helps.

Photo Dec 08, 8 23 29 AM

Ok, I digress, back to the trip. We left Alameda, misty eyed and made our washy to the Golden Gate. It had planned for a long time to shot an arrow of respect, an honor to Neptune as we crossed under the bridge. After our first time out the “gate” I thought it may not be possible that I could could do, because of the at times rough waters. I thought that would bathe case today, however at the last Monet the waters calmed enough that I took the chance and went on deck to do the shot. I did not have time to gear up and do a whole ceremony type shot… I just went on deck and made the shot! It felt good, and took it as a good omen I could pull it off…Yatta!


The passage to Half Moon Bay was for the most part smooth. An easy trip. Average speed about 5-6 knots. We arrived in time to refuel and find a spot to anchor. As it was our first anchoring, I was paranoid all night and woke up several times to check our position.


All was well. We took off on the second leg to Santa Cruz in the morning just after sunrise. This was totally different trip, choppy seas, not much wind. It was our first long haul, it took us about 10 hrs to make this passage. We stayed at the dock this item, and spent the money. It was good to have a shower and electric. The entrance to the Santa Monica harbor was tricky in the dark. We made it in without any problems after speaking with the harbormaster via radio for guidance. Santa Cruz reminded me it was the holiday season seeing many boats with Christmas lights.

Photo Dec 10, 7 33 54 AM

For our next leg we left around noon having to wait for the file dock to open at 11:00. The sail over to Monterey was just across the Monterey Bay. It was a so so trip, we had head winds all the way and some chop with light surge. All this would have been very good if it was warmer. :-( The biggest bummer and problem were the crab pot we had to keep a careful watch for the whole trip from S.F.

It was a longer trip across the bay than I thought it would be. However it went smoothly. It was a great relief to finally arrive at Monterey civic marina. It was also at very pleasant surprise to be charged less than I was told on the phone by 15.00 a day less! Sweet!!!

Photo Dec 11, 9 41 17 PM

Our docking space was kind of weird. we were given two spots were dinghies generally go. It was on the end and blocked of with wood barriers to keep the local seals and seal lions off the dock. I nicknamed the place the ghetto, it was noisy, because of the Sea lions near by, and at times very bumpy, do to the early wave surge and fishermen leaving. Still it was cool, it was cheap, and we were there after a successful passage.  YATTA!!! _/|\_

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