Posted by: Zen | December 4, 2012

Waiting…The Weather Tao

So much going on, I will not try to cover everything. Right ow we are in a waiting mode of sorts. There has not been good weather, so we wait. This waiting is good and bad… Good it gives me time to get some things done, and prepare myself mentally for the challenge. Bad because it gives me time to think about the challenge.



Anxiety  comes and goes like the tides of the sea. Sometimes strongly, taking breath and training to re-center. “IT TAKES GUTS” was what the Sincho from Japan would say often. This nervousness of the unknown, the first step is the biggest…I hope :-)


Good weather coming up in 2 days. Our cars are sold, we gave up the office and are fully of WaterWorld now. I am still doing a bit of organizing and the autopilot needs to be installed but we can leave when the Weather Tao says go.


I meet with a couple of my Chan sisters for lunch. It was a nice visit. One reminded me that this passage was not just a sail, it was also a spiritual journey after a remarked how the packing was a practice of non-attachment. Hearing that from her, really sounded home in dealing with my emotional tidal flow and anxiety.


cHan visits

It is not all about the trip, sail there is the finance of this. We have far far less money than we hoped for planned for. So everything must be watched , we have very little room for errors. It is truly an act of trusting the Tao. We have less than a grand a month to live on. I have read that people have done a cruise on that much, we’ll see. Our is really less than that as we have a couple of monthly expenses. Reminds me of the Korean Zen Monk traveling the states on a bike, with no money, very little English, going just on faith that the Tao will provide.


There is an American saying about God watching out for fools and children.

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  1. You are wealthy in the only way that matters, Zen.

    Fair winds.

    • Thanks O’D …I think. :-)

      BTW, I’m be send you a PM.

  2. You seem to be at home in waterworld, a big step.

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