Posted by: Zen | November 5, 2012


Sugoi !!

So much to do, it is coming together but slowly and too fast at the same time.

Visitors of the Japan delegation of visitors has increased and decreased. One of the original two sailors, Segei-san, has gone back to Japan to be replaced by the Sinchou, Katsumi-San ! He also arrived from Japan via the Northern route .

The Shacho ( Captain) came from Japan, via the north route. He is 76 yrs old and sailed solo. The Shacho is a retired businessman. I will write more about him later.

So busy right now, it is a week later than when I started this post. Things have gotten more intense. The boat bottom is done!

Thanks to Nichi-san who helped paint. The over hual-out all process included raising the water line, sealing some battery hold down bolts, adding hold down straps, replacing helm seat bolts, major tune up of the motor, replace holding bolts and line on the motor, installing the deck solar panels, replacing the control cables, repair to the starboard rudder, whewwwww, and itaiii with the bill. Worth it !

Finally Finally Finally I now have a cover over the cockpit! A woman who does different sewing helped me out and did a cover. She suffered with it. Something simple, Not a trim fit but I am grateful to have some protection.

I am hoping someone in LA can design a windshield. That would be another blessing.

As time is limited these days. I do, if you are interested, have more recent, timely mini post on Facebook :

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  1. Zen-san, Ganbatte ne!

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