Posted by: Zen | October 21, 2012

Working’s of the Tao – Osakalmeda


I am wayyy behind on writing, however it cannot be helped. So much to do, so little time. Blogging had to take a back seat. The Boat show was so -so, more on that later, There were some good things from it.

For now, this little update on how things work out in a weird unexpected kind magical way…sometimes.

LZ tells me she met a sailor from Japan in our Marina Office also he is one of two to show up in the last day. This is major shocking to everyone. I had not met anyone when I returned from Annapolis.

The Sat following my return, I worked the Marina, aka: the office with a view. Doing my morning dock walk I came across both boats.  The first boat no one was at home.

I took a few pictures and left to complete my rounds. Later I came across the other boat. Again no-one was at home. While taking a photo the owner showed up. Nishi-san, from Yokohama area. We greet, (he is quite surprised), and chat a bit. I suggest he come by for Sake. He had already met LZ.

Later that day I visit the other boat. The owner Shige-san was home ,

I introduce myself and we chat. Later I come back with LZ and we chat and invite him for sake and Snack also on the next day. After a short visit to Nishi-san it is set. The first party on the ZenCat.

After my work day we gather in the cockpit of the ZenCat. It is a bit tight but it worked. We ate, drink and chat in Japalish. It was good practice for me.

We move inside  as the evening cools after a pleasant hour under the setting sun. Here it is more tight but again it works. It is good we are all small frame people. We cont’ the sipn’n chating. I get some advice on Sailing from Guam to Japan. and we are all getting along nicely. More so after the drinks we had earlier, kicked in.

Turns out we are all retired, and only a couple of years in age apart.

We call it a night later into the evening and clown around on the dock taking pictures. Sorry I have none of those yet.

Nishi-san ( in the middle) is a retired Professor of Marine something and familiar with sailing around the area we are headed through from the Marshall islands, Guam, etc. He just the other day LZ helped with advice on the galley world. Cooking , Food, supplies, etc. This is so much better, with his experience and speaking in Japanese, than getting her books, in English which she will not read.

This unexpected gift from the Universe is great! I will get a chance to chat with him more this coming Thurs. He wants to come watch a Kyudo class. He practiced in high school, however did not stick with it.

I’m sure there will be another post with Nishi-san in it. Shige -san has left the marina via car. storing his boat here until spring. He is headed back to Japan after going north. Nishi-san will be sticking around here for a while before heading back to Japan until Spring. He wants our dock space when we leave…

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