Posted by: Zen | August 29, 2012

Back to Sailing

Now after weeks of prep for my Kyudo seminar and test, which I did not pass, but still learned a lot. Now that our annual Kung Fu event is done. Now that I have turned in my resignation for the security job, and my SS check is in the process, it is time to get back to water world and sailing.

LZ and I took her Wine Sensei , who is a sushi chef at Yoshi’s in S.F. , out for a sail on Monday. It was great weather for it although the wind was on the light side.

We motored out of the Estuary to the Bay. It was an easy trip however I am always paranoid when under the iron sail.

Once out on the inner Bay we sailed around a short while dodging a couple of incoming tankers.

We had had a short race with another Cat, a larger one. I lost, but then only I knew we were racing.

I received a lot of encouragement about how I should do well in Japan. He felt even though I may miss the States, Japan was my spiritual place. In the countryside and among the elders I could learn a lot and have a peaceful life. Cities are cities but in the countryside, the spirit of Japan was still alive.

Right after that I hove-to and we stopped for lunch, right there on the water in front of the bay bridge with a view of the City. A FYI for those not from here. We never ever call San Francisco , San Fran, or Frisco. It is either the City or San Francisco.

After our lunch break with smoked salmon sandwiches and white wine, we headed back to home. Sadly we did not have wind for the trip back and motored back.

It was a short afternoon sail but pleasant and a good light air practice. I am getting more comfortable with the boat and the sail trim needed for it.

I need to do some minor repairs and adjustments then take another trip outside the Gate (out past the Golden Gate).

Once back at port I remembered that the couple a couple of boats behind us, was holding a talk on cruising. They have spent a lot of time Cruising down and in Mexico, as well as the wife writing a very good good book. They lent me a copy to read it is most interesting. It is not just about sailing but maintaining a harmonious relationship with your mate while living in the tight confides of a ocean going vessel.

There were about 10 people there with 3 of them being couples who are planning to take off.

We shared ideas and solutions and some experiences. It was a interesting gathering. We I heard it was going to be two hours, I thought OMG this is going to be long. However even though fighting sleepiness the time went by fast. It was a good thing to attend. After that it was food, shower and to bed.

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  1. I just stopped in to make my mothly post and thought I’d stop by to see how you folks are fairen seems like all is progressing smoothly the thought of your trip evokes many memorys for me and my short dance with the “Great pond” O ne of my altime favorites comes to mind ‘” Maiden Voyage” by Herbie Hancock so may the Feng Jie blow smoothlyfor you.

    • Thanks for dropping by. I have not much chance to update the post these days getting ready to take off soom, too Soon really!

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