Posted by: Zen | July 7, 2012

Yacht Club…Presideo, I don’t think so…

Homie don’t play that!

So I was all ready to join the Percideo Yacht Club, I turned in my application and everything. After that it went down hill.

I waited for a week and a half yet I heard nothing. I was expecting a call an email something. Hello we have your application and it is being processed, you know something. However I got zip, nothing! So called. I left a message with my number. Yet after 2 days no call. Ok finally I send an email. I get a reply. Hello yes I have your application but we have never met please come by the marina. Ok this is a hassle but I will do it. So I write back and say: I current member and I will come by this Sunday will you be there? Sorry I do not have a lot of time to cone over your way. Will Sunday work?

I wait three days for a reply, Sunday comes and goes no reply! Now I’m pissed and feel disrespected. I write and tell this person so. I do not want to belong someplace I am not welcome or is so rude. Cancel my application!

The guy writes back sorry you feel that way. I want to see all new members.

The visiting part is not the issue, the lack of courtesy is the problem, which he missed all together. So much for that place with it’s run down docks.

I was not finished yet. Even if it does make any difference, I wrote and complained about the total lack of business courtesy from this person representing the yacht club to the Commodor, Co-commodore , Vice Commodore, Port Captain , etc. I do not exspect anything to come of this, but a little mental fantasy that the guy at least got reprimand for losing income. Cause everything is about money these days.

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  1. I recall some old stories about that club not being the tightest-run ship in the fleet, Zen.

    Hoping this was just a case of oversight or sloppy procedure, and nothing worse.

    If you’re just interested in reciprocal privileges at other clubs out of the area, there may be a simpler solution – email me for details.

    Presidio is a handy spot to overnight if you’re headed out the gate and need to catch an early ebb, but you could anchor out in Sausalito, too (a bit less convenient).

    That said, we’ve been able to make it to Half Moon Bay by early afternoon, leaving Berkeley around 0700 and making it under the bridge by 0900. Even overnighting at Berkeley might cut an hour off your trip and you could stay at BYC’s guest dock without being a member there.

    HMB to Santa Cruz is another hop to try in the ocean, and can be done in a day.

    • Doc, my employee did not seemed to surprised when I said something less than pleasant about the Club.

      It is a handy location , not a great one but handy.

      Yes, staying in Berkeley is a good option. May do that one the final overnight, or Angel island.

      I have a memebership w/ the BAMA which is part of PICYA , so I’m suppose to have respeps with them, but was thinking maybe it is better with a full YC.. I am interested in your thoughts on reseps on the outside…

  2. Ouch. Better learn of their lack of service before joining, I guess. Imagine how frustrating it would be to sail in there as a paying member and get that kind of reception. Grrr.

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