Posted by: Zen | July 1, 2012

a Quickie…


A quickie can be fun and refreshing. Even better when one has no expectations and just be in the moment.

For the last several day the early evenings have been great ! Comfortably warm, yet slightly cool. Great golden sunset evening lights, strong winds but not overly done. Extremely perfect sailing weather. The ZenCat tugs at her dock lines with desire to ride the wind and current. I say tomorrow for sure…

This day there was no tomorrow, there is now!

I knew not how much longer this sailing perfectness was going to last. Therefore I took off work a little early, got my head right and prepared to cast off.

It took me about 15-20 to get everything on place to sail. However it took another 15 min to get away from the dock. Since thee were strong gust and I was launching singlehanded I needed to do this with cation. I do not have a lot of drifting room once I release the lines. I have to be in control from the get go.

I did a couple or so of tests with the lines attached to test my drift before releasing the lines. Once set off it was easy and smooth.

I slipped out into the Estuary nice and easy, then raised the sails. I had not planned on going anywhere, I just wanted to just so how things flowed . I just practiced some tacking and jibs. I wanted to what was the smoothest method to make the turn fully.

Today was really my first time with the plan of just practice not sailing somewhere. It had the feel of practicing my Kung Fu or Kyudo. It was a different mindset from going to “sail”.

Other than some dragon boat teams practicing the area was mine alone.

About the time I was making my re-entry approach I saw LZ coming down the dock. I made my circle and dock approach and with her aid I eased into my spot to complete a pleasant quickie sail. I wax left with a warm afterglow for the evening. I heard from a few others how spiritually filling a short simple sail could be. Today I experienced the breath  of enlightenment.

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  1. Superb. I wish this were an option open to us. Slipping the surly bonds of earth and dancing the waves on laughter silvered wings – to paraphrase unashamedly. I would consider such excursions a necessity for live aboards who all too soon plan to launch across the Pacific.

    • Indeed, Panda-B!

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