Posted by: Zen | June 23, 2012

Loving Day Week End Sea Trials…sunset

The first sea trial is done and I feel it was a success. Beside the fact that we returned alive, dry and under our own power, all systems worked. The rudder repair was good, now easy up and down action no problems. That was a major concern since it limited my ability to come and go simply and quickly. Now that is one less concern.

I still need to do the other side replacing some old wood spacers with a plastic spacer and at some point replace the corroding metal plate, however for now it is good. The navigation software iNavX, and the iPad worked well. I am happy about that. The 3G system is nice. It also seems like the AT&t network is a good way to go, also that the cheapest plan of 15 .00 will work well for me at least at this point. That plan is 250 megs of data for a month. The next one up is 3 gigs of data for a month is over kill for me. Even after a week of use I am not up to using even a full Meg as yet.

There was one concern on the water I found. No steerage! a couple of times. Not really steerage or that the steering broke but  running head into the wind, close hauled does not work for a CAT on a close haul. I need to maintain at max close reach and some speed in order to tack. If not I’m toast for moving and tacking.

I have more faith in the boat and how it handed under ocean swells, and heavier winds. I felt under control all the trip. Except for the steering thing when tacking and that I just need to adjust my angle of sail. I can get out the gate and back in with proper timing. Ebb out with light winds, flood in with heavy winds. If you are reading this from somewhere outside the bay, here is the deal. At the Golden Gate bridge winds are general blowing in toward the city and the current can reach 6 knots, this is not something you want to fight without a strong motor and a sturdy boat. The wise way is to go with the flow of things. Zen like, be one with the water way.

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