Posted by: Zen | May 28, 2012

Eco-project: Composting toilet – Airhead

Thought it would be a simple matter to get the composting toilet (aka:the liter box) hooked up and going. Not exactly the case, it could have been better, also much worse. Although it was not difficult. Since I purchased mine “new to me” recycled, what I had was all there was . I got it set-up and installed mostly easy.



However I did not have all the right parts. Vent hose too short, fan base not 90 degrees. However since it was in place I made use of the liquid holding portion. While the rest of the parts were tracked and ordered. I found what I needed but getting it did not go well with the order. Even after I meet with manufacture at the boat show. It all worked out in the end I was satisfied.

Finally finally I gathered all the parts and I got the unit installed as it should be including and most importantly the vent. Still only liquid deposits are being made. I found that even with the fan the scent of urine was strong after a couple of days, more so when the temps went up in the 70’s. My thought was to just dump the “shishi” every couple of days. After some research I found that one can add a tablespoon or two of sugar to the urine collector and it will control the urine smell. The thing here is even though the unit had a vent it is directly hooked up to the solid storage section not the liquid. That area, the “shishi” (liquids) gets secondary venting because the whole unit is sealed.  Also a important point, be sure the toilet platform hold the whole unit. The liquid container needs to be level to seal at the entry point other wises a odor leak. The unit seems to be working well now. I do want to change to a solar fan instead of running off the house batteries. I need to find the right fan though. I want one that is both solar and battery so it keep on ticking and that also has good exhaust strength to vent the odors. Update: yes, I need a strong vent fan, since I have double the length of vent hose suggested, from my ceiling to the toilet I believe that is the reason for the strong urine odours.

latest update:

I was still getting orders from the unit. I investigated. I found I was getting some throw back air leaks at the fan, because it was not sealed at the housing. Once that was done it made a difference. The next thing I did was install an outside solar/battery fan. Because of the extra hose extra draw was needed.

So I have two fan running now, one off of solar the interior one off 12 volt. Everything seem good now, dump the liquid every 3 days, run double fans.

So much for the setup test. next post about this will be on the full monty…so to speak. or when the poo hit the fan.

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