Posted by: Zen | April 22, 2012

Strictly Sail Show 2012 …

Finally after three days rain while we setup and a seriously stormy night before, the first official Day of the show is mostly sunny and pleasant.

Not a big turn out as I write this but it is Thursday the weekend will big the big days. I have the Eco flag raised along with my sailors for the sea burgee.

We have had a few people stop even though it is not a busy day. I made the rounds here an visited a few people I know. I also met the manufacturer of the airhead toilets who I have been talking to online about parts. He is here at the show we had a nice chat. It is good to put a face to the email contacts. Maybe this will increase my service quality with him :-)

After the day’s event we went to dinner at Yosh’s jazz club with the president of West Potter boats. He wants us ( AOKI Yachts ) to gives him our business.

What I thought was strange with that in mind Yoh Sensei paid for dinner after the West Potter guy invited us. Maybe there is more to it than I know but… That seemed kind of weird to me.

I was watching him when the check came, basicly just looked around at everything but the check when it came…weird. I found out later that Sensei’s wife agreed with me as did LZ who brought it up to me that evening. He lost much face, and left a big question about his character. Too bad because he was a fore runner.

There was a huge thunder storm that evening. Fortunately it cleared up the next morning just before the show opening on day 2

Day Two :

I did another walk around today and spoke with a few interesting people. One of whom I had read his book on catamarans. I introduced myself and told him I was one of the few people who owned an Iroquois on the West Coast. He said ” oh you are one of the lucky ones. Great boats! I help to bring just about all of them into the state and must have sailed just about all of them here at one time, he said. Wonderful boats, a few things to be aware of, if those have been addressed you are in good shape. I like hearing that from an expert. Gives me warm and fuzzes :-)

I also met a marina neighbor who lives a couple of boats down from me. We talked a while. She told me there was a Japanese man at the show who was planning on sailing to Japan. She also said she was born in Japan because her parents were refugees during the Korean war where they were medical aids. The reason she was at the boat show was because she was promoting her book Harmony on the High Seas, When Your Mate Becomes Your Matey. Which her husband later let me a copy to read.  So far I am liking it !

Still a relatively slow day here on interest. Most that stop ask more about the electric power than the boat. I guess that is normal. Also that is the pull, so that draws in the folks then I / we have to talk about the boat qualities that make the Zen 24 unique in itself aside from the electric motor.

I spoke a few times with a woman who makes bags of different types out of used sails. Thought that was very cool. I tried to get one given to me in exchange for some PR on my Pacific Eco trip, but the one I wanted for my iPad was sold, so I did not push it, even for  discount.

Day Four:

I had many surprises this day with visitors. People I had not thought to see stopped by. We were in a good spot so were very visible. We had a surprising number of people drop who spoke Japanese. This surprised all of us. There was one guy who is Japanese , he came by to say hello to Sensei as he had heard of him. This was the guy I heard from someone else that was going to sail to Japan. He only stayed for a short while since we were dry busy at the time. I missed speaking with due to being busy with some talkative guy with his own agenda, talking my ear off below :-(. I will put some effort into trying to locate this man he could be of help on for our trip.

Sensei and I remarked how interesting it was to watch the different people there at the show. Another part of that I thought was interesting was seeing how people got on the boat. It seemed the most logical way, safest, easiest escaped many folks,and they missed how to step on the boat , hold the cabin top rail, then step over the life lines. Yet many missed that and tried to step from the dock over the rail/ lines into the cockpit in one step. Some with bad results. Another thing I took notice of is how heavy some people steps are. They throw all of their weight on to whatever foot is stepping. This results in loud shaking steps, they walk with a thud.

We did not sell the boat, not really unexpected by me. However we did have a good show I think. There were many positive comments about the boat. Another big thing was we finally signed on a associate Agent for the Zenboat. Captain Mary signed Sensei’s contract as an Agent.

Another good possibility is Captain Craig the head teacher at the Tradewinds school and my Teacher certifier maybe interested in being another agent. So these are positive steps. It has also been decided that I will go to the East Coast big show in Annapolis Maryland this fall under Aoki Yachts.


  1. Have to make it over there to attend one of these strictly sail shows! Enjoyed the article.

    Capt. John Banister, Suenos Azules Marine Surveying and Consulting

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