Posted by: Zen | August 28, 2011

Water World and the Zen 24

Ok, it has been almost a month since a post, and some, ok those who do not follow both blogs maybe, doubtful but maybe wondering, Hmmm Where is Zen?

Now that my Kyudo seminar and testing is over in MN, I can return my focus to the main task at hand. For those that are interested I did pass my second Dan in Kyudo ( Japanese archery) test. It is another dimension to Cross training for the Pacific Eco Passage

So yes, now back to moving and packing. We have a little over a month now to finish moving. Things are going well seems like. I found an international mover right down the street almost. Very convenient . They will do to door service from here to Japan and do the storage until I am ready to ship. Nice, now we just need the money.

It seriously comes home we are moving as I slowly pack things but also put things up for sale in the local consignment store (recycle, reduce, re-think). The consignment stores are a great score. Like Blu Pel but for household stuff, and I an just selling not buying. Speaking of the Blue Pelican I am officially on the payroll now, instead of just an undercover eAgent. I am doing data entry, yeah , not graphics and design , which I spent so many years learning. Still this is good: I get to see all the new stuff as it comes in and get first dibs. and bad: I get to see all the new stuff as it comes in and get first dibs.  :-). Regardless it is good to get more (any) work hour$. Those SOB at the Security Job told me, called me at home, saying I was going full time, then after two weeks of waiting ( and preparing) they say no it is not happening. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *(&*%%^$$%#. However that is another story…I digress.

The apt is slowly emptying day by day, it is getting more of that we are leaving feeling. I have the living room down to minimum and kept neat so there is one room that is not in chaos so we can have a sense of relaxing there. As our already sparse apt becomes more so, the place takes on a very Zen sense with the minor furnishings .

At the same time as we are doing this move out of the Land base, we ( I) am setting up th water base home front.

I have picked up another little project in the meantime. Yoh Sensei of Aoki Yacht Sales in Osaka has hired me to help with the demo of the new boat he designed in Japan. It is called the Zen 24. Yoh Sensei is the Zen Master and sailor who circumnavigated on a home built 24 ft boat. I also helped him in Las Vegas with the talk on Zen and Sailing.

The Zen 24 yacht is being shipped over to LA from Osaka for a demo and regatta sail there in Marina Del Rey with the ASA, then coming to Northern Ca for another demo. I will be helping with the Northern Ca demo. We are hoping to find a buyer here in the states, also hopefully a partner to distribute them. I wonder if I had any influence on the naming of this boat Zen-24. Mine was name “Zen” first … I’m just saying.

The Zen 24 is built on the design , experience and lessons learned from Yoh Sensei’s homebuilt 24 ft sailboat which circumnavigated for 4 yrs. This boat is now on display in Osaka park with a foundation setup for it’s maintenance as a monument. I have a picture somewhere I’ll have to find and post here. So if you do not see it, check back.

The Zen 24 is an Electric powered sail boat.

It sails in harmony with nature under wind or non-polluting electric…very Zen.

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  1. I found your site from the IOA site and am very interested to know more about your plans to sail to Japan on your Iroquois. I have mine based in Marina del Rey and would like to meet you before you go on your trip, which looks like it will be very soon. I will be up in the Santa Cruz area a the end of September, 2011 so if there is a way to reach you please do.
    I am a ham operator, so if you are planning on keeping in touch through a high frequency radio I would very much like to track your progress and keep in touch with you.
    My name is Jim and you can reach me at:

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