Posted by: Zen | July 7, 2011

Omedetou Gozaimasu – LZ’s Story –

It started around the beginning of the year… this year 2011. LZ had signed up for basic Keel Boat Class with Afterguard Sailing Acad. which was to start in Feb/Mar. Captain Mary was suppose to teach her in a woman’s class, but that did not work out. There were several other set backs along the way. Miscommunications and poor instructions from a teacher , timing for classes, cancelled classes etc. There was also the big issue of language. She had to translate things from Japanese to English and English to Japanese.

I had gotten her a Japanese sailing book by Yoh Sensei and even though it was the same class his was setup different enough so it was confusing. The same patterns for the class were not followed. She went with the new English book version which is what the class was being taught from.

She had many moments of frustration none of which was extremely hard just it was all so new, new language, the like. After passing the written test which was her biggest fear she had the practical part which with to deal.

Some schools will give the students just what is in the synopses and if you can get a basic understanding of it your good to go. However Captain Mary does not roll like that she wants her students to be comfortable and confident in their skills.
She made LZ do her drill at a higher level of understanding. This was hard on LZ because she kept wanting to get through the class and she said for the most part she was doing as asked. However it was good as far as her seamanship and learning.

Finally after a month of training and practice and being in the rain LZ was given her level two basic Coastal Cruising certificate…yay!  This means that by ASA’s world standards she is a trained skipper for small sailboats. There is some restrictions on size and waters but it is a huge step for her. This class has change her while outlook on sailing, to the point where she is considering studying to become  the only or one of a very few female instructors ASA in Japan.  I feel much more comfortable with her doing hands on now when we are out sailing  and also we speak the same sailing language now. I need to learn it all in Japanese now…yosh!

She did good…

Omedetou gozaimasu skipper LZ!

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  1. Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Very very nice! congratulations! and happy sailing!

  4. Well done! Congratulations on your hard earned “ticket”.

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