Posted by: Zen | July 3, 2011

Flags, Origami and Iroquois…oh my

On Thursday after taking care of a few things one if which was picking up a burgee from Japan sent to me by Yoh Sensei ( ありがとう ございました). It is from the Aoki Yacht Club in Osaka. It will be one of the destinations for my Pacific Eco Passage. It is one of my three flags from Japan. The other two are the Ecoflag and a flag of the Sail Japan Group. This is my favorite though from Yoh Sensei. It has the Spirit of “Zen

(it reminds me of our visit to the Zen Temple near the Marina)

There is some things I heard about this logo design from a talk Yoh Sensei was giving at the ASA conference in LA a few years ago. The colors I think he said represent the states of water. Also his name AOKI means water. My Japanese name means wind. Wind and water (Fung Shui) the balance of which is the nature of sailing. This flag has the sense of a Feng Shi Design. It is so simple yet, complex! It gives me a sense of the Spirit of Japan, particularity Osaka. It is a good burgee. Kind of like a “Yosh/Ganbaru” headband for the boat. (^_^)

So down at the Zenamaran I was there to not only raise the new flags/burgees but to due some small chores. The three new flags went up today. I have one more burgee to get, from the Iroquois club in England.   Oh maybe two, the Blue Pelican is suppose to get some burgees. They are my main outfitters. I’ll fly all the burgees on events and gatherings, sometimes just the Miyatani mon. Like getting dress for dinner. Hmmmm wonder should I get a Zen burgee made. Also I need to check on burgee etiquette again.

I wanted to check how it would be to assemble and launch the Origami Kannon from the deck, then check how it rowed and check under the Zenamaran at the bolts for the helm seat install I’m doing.

It took me about 14 min or so to assemble the dinghy right on deck. Some people complain about the space needed for that, I guess they did not have a CAT .

Then about another 5 min. to turn it around, undo the life lines and launch O-Kannon into the water. I was pleased. Much much easier to deal with than the hard dingy..much.

It was so light the rowing was really easy, even sitting forward rowing against the wind. The flex of the floor did not bother me at all, I’ve felt worse in some inflatables. I have an inflatable Kayak that is worse.

(hmmm still some tape life from the haulout )

The putting away of the PB was as easy if not more than the setup. Since I was familiar with the setup now I guess. While putting the dinghy to rest I notice a man coming onto my dock. For some reason I had a feeling he was coming to see me even though I did not recognize him. He turned out to be a former Iroquois owner. He said he also had a Porta Bote on his CAT .

Sometimes he keep it where I had Kannon or towed it. He gave me some advice on towing and said it also made a good drogue if needed. We also spoke about how the boat handled in storms. He said he was very pleased with his and never felt worried other than when he first got the boat and was getting used to it. He also give me the tip of not needing to fully extend the centerboards, this gives everything more support in the sleeve . It was better not to for that reason, also it did not affect performance partial up. Also he said, I should be able to cruise at about 10 knots average comfortably. I had spoken with this guy before. It is always good to get more feedback. Today I got a double dose. Feedback on the CAT and the Portabote ( and a big shoot out to M-chan for the 411 on PB’s)…cool!  _/|\_

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