Posted by: Zen | May 22, 2011

Zen@ Encinal

LZ’s mother is visiting from Osaka and had not seen the Zenamaran . We had planned on taking her for a sail/motor up to the Pasta Pelican Restaurant.

LZ and I had gone there before with the Tacoma Blue Crew our Buds from Osaka. However since LZ had a discount coupon for dinner there we changed the plan.

This year I joined the Bay Area Multi-Hull Association . As a large group belonging to a racing Assoc ( PICYA) they have reciprocal arrangements with several yacht clubs. I had not yet made use of that, so I called Encinal Yacht Club and got the ok to come on by and use the facilities…very cool!

I like the Encinal club, if I was to join one I would join there. Although I like the policy of the Berkeley Yacht club of giving members a key, that is very cool, but also they are farther away.  Anyway, we had been there before for many of the I-36 events so were familiar with the place. They have a pool, rebuilt bar, dining hall and a great upper level view. So that was the place to go for our lunch sail.

Oka-san was impressed with the place not so much with it’s fanciness, because it is not, just the atmosphere is nice. We had lunch there and the portions were of great surprise to LZ and Okasan and the food was good, and way too much for Okasan to finish. For the size and quality it was a bargain.

It was also not crowded and we had a great view by the window. LZ said we should make use of the membership with BAMA more and try out these places. That was the whole point for me joining to make use of the reciprocal agreements for stays and visits @ various clubs, I said.

We hung out for a while then headed back out for a short sail home. It was a warm peaceful ride home, which after wine, beer and food the ladies took advantage of the peacefulness of the slow drift back to home port and crashed.

I think it was an enjoyable afternoon for them. It was a nice change of pace for me.

My next stop that evening was over to Afterguard for an instructors meeting and do an  introduction learning sail on a new to the club 43 ft built in France, sailboat.

That did not go as planned. We changed the main sail however the motor would not start due to a completely dead battery. After trying to get that going it was decided that it needed to charge overnight and we would do the sail another day… with pizza.

Funny thing is that the evening had some parts that were the same as my early adventure with the fam.

Mata ne!

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  1. Nice to have the ability to enjoy the amenities of a club like that. Love the pic of the women napping on the Zenamaran. [(–)] ZZZzzz…

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