Posted by: Zen | April 6, 2011

Dolphin Spirit

The Dolphin Spirit was suppose to challenge the speed record from SF to Tokyo this year. However with the current tragedy there the event was canceled. Additional the boat may go up for sale. The financial burden is taking it’s toll.

I made arrangements to met with my new contact Micheal Reppy at his marina over in Richmond. It was as it turns out the home port of my old boat Kuan Yin. She  was almost directly across from Micheal’s Boat the Dolphin Spirit.

Michael and I spoke on several topics , my boat, it’s age, safety matters, which he is big on having pitched poled an earlier boat. (see his website on the story). A few key points on his advice were reef as soon as you think of it. He flipped his boat in high seas with a spinnaker on.

Another bit of advice was do not skimp on safety gear, EPIRB, environmental suit, jacklines, etc, etc.

Another topic that came about was Zen. He was once a student of Zen in the bay area and also studied Chi Gong. So besides our sailing interest we shared the same spiritual relms.

It wad a good encounter with another link in my chain of connections to passage Nihon.  LZ and I were invited to go for a sail at somepoint in Dolphin Spirit Tri, of which I deadly agreed to the invite.

One other thing I was shown beside the tour of the Trimaran systems. This included the reef system main sail, an added third rudder in the main hull, escape hatch, specialized headsail, all cool. I was also shown the Zenamaran’s old name sake, the Cat that made all this possible by Capsizing, the Catalyst.

The Catalyst  is the woman’s old boat who  introduced us. It was also in that marina just across from the Dolphin Spirit.  It had been reduced and righted by the woman’s brother who is now the owner. The boat is still in relative good shape even after the ordeal.

We ended the visit with some more talk in Zen, the environment and hopefully some lessons learn from the Japan tragedy for mankind on the use of nuclear power.

It was a worthwhile visit going out to see Michael and hearing his advise. Even though much of it I knew, it is always good to listen and try to expand what you have. Always learn more, all it takes is one thing to save your life.

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