Posted by: Zen | January 2, 2011

Akimashite Omedeto Gozaimasu…2011…Sail 1

I had heard from several sources about a sail around the Island on New Year’s day. I knew where the headquarters of sorts was located, right there at my Marina. I knew the course part of it went right by our Apt.

There was however rain predicted. 80% chance. Hmmm, it is raining, I’m not doing was my thought hesitantly. I’ll see how the day looks, I thought the night before. Upon awakening the sky looked partly sunny, then as time moved on it looked more like rain. After watching this happen for awhile. I decided, it was not a day for sailing for me, however I would go down to the boat and “mess around”, always a good thing. I can clean/organize more and listen to music.

I had spent some time down on the ZenCat, earlier in the week. I had installed a new radio stereo system. It was also a close-out “demo” model at Fry’s so it was at a savings!

It’s cost was off set by selling some items on eBay. Keeping with the “Eco” theme for the trip: Reuse, Recycle, Rethink.

This is a car radio that will play via a USB port a flash drive or an iPod. This way I can carry my music collection on a iPod and on a Flash drive as a backup. Perfect for traveling, say …to Japan. :-)

Afterward I cleaned up for the New Year. I was reminded many times by LZ the Japanese tradition of cleaning before the New Year, a Buddhist purification thing.  I helped  with the Apt, but feeling I needed to also have the Zenamaran in shape for the New Year. Also if I was going to get a sail in over the weekend I could not go out with it looking like this:

Therefore I had at it on Thursday and Friday after our Kyudo 108 Arrow Shoot. Besides having the mess from the radio , which was minor, the cabin was in disarray from me unpacking and repacking items and some other work. so it took in a while to sort things out and have the ZenCat again ship shape.

LZ was suppose to go to help in her volunteer spot with the city of Oakland Police Dept animal shelter. After that she was off to work. However it turns out she did not have the Dog thing  and decided to come down to the boats as well. With that I changed my plans, and wanted her to take a few photos of the Zenamaran  under sail. I figured a short sail even under jib would be good enough for a Mini Photo Op Sail.

It went well get off and making a pass in front of the camera, even though I find out later I left a fender down :-(   . The wind was blowing nicely , however from a different direction from what it generally does. As it was fairly strong I needed to pay attention to docking. The wind was giving the CAT a good push away from the dock. Even though a little ways off, I did not want to get blowned into the rocks if I miss the first approach and something else went wrong.

I made several passes to get an idea of how much my Lee travel was. I was not pleased it would take some careful attention to dock without a costly slip-up. Nice there were no expensive boats to the sides of me to be consider dealing with, just my boat. I figured, hm ok this will be a test of handling this CAT and preparation for a uncomfortable docking in the future somewhere “out there”.

I made my approach with a good amount of power to overcome the wind at a sharp angle to the dock, almost perpendicular, and turned away at the last moment, LZ was able to get the docking line at the bow as I came in close enough. I quickly began to drift away from the dock.  I very quickly had her quickly tie the line off on a dock cleat . With that done I could go into reverse and use the bow dock line as a spring line to bring the stern around…Yatta!!

First day of the year out and a surprise lesson from the Universe. Life is at times like docking.

The winds of the world can be like docking against the wind. Sometime you have to change your approach and have help to make it home.

Being on the water is like daily life, you never know when a challenge is coming to test you. You need to be always in training (Zen: mindful of the present and ready to adapt), and have eyes open for the next lesson.

Happy New Year…Akimashite Omedeto Gozaimasu… Ganbarimasho!!

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  1. Happy New Year. Wow, what a “sea change” after your clean up of the Zenamaran! I’m still slogging away at my office space, which somehow still looks like a “before” picture. :(

    Glad you got out on the water to get some practice.

    • Even though short, it was worthwhile to be out (^_^)

  2. Happy New Year, Zen.

    Do you have deck cleats mounted midship?

    After years of stuggling with crosswind dockings, I hit on the plan of making the first line ashore a beam line.

    If you can draw the beam into the dock, securing a bow or stern line then becomes easier.

    We got a pair of those track-mounted cleats and put them on the track that runs along the toerail on our boat, but there are other ways to accomplish the same thing.

    This also seems to help with single-handed docking even when the wind isn’t blowing you off.

    • Happy New Year Homie!

      I do not have a mid-ship cleat on there YET. I had one put on the old boat , it made a big difference in docking. It is on my project list to mount two on the ZenCat!

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