Posted by: Zen | September 4, 2010

Yatta…dumper run

A major milestone was hit the other day. I did my first solo run/sail with the Zenamaran. It was really a trip to the dumper pumper, but it was my first time taking her out.

It took me a while to figure out the systems and get things ready to cast off. I was fairly nervous the cast off had to avoid right away a dock piling but after that it was clear water. I managed to pull it off . A few tests for wind push and drift before leaving the dock and I was off. Nice and easy. Once I backed out into open water and turned my attention on the waste station pump a huge motor yacht pulls into the station so I had to wait. It was not a short stop for them that yacht must have carried a lot of crap because it took them forever seems like to finish.

While waiting I decided to do some maneuvers and unrolled the jib to get a feel for things and a simi sail. After a bit of that I went back to my slip and re-docked for practice. No one was around it was a perfect dock of course.

I waited for a while on my dock and finally the motor-yacht was finished with it’s evening toilet. I jumped aboard again this time more confident and backed out of my dock spot.

I made my approach to the waste pullout to finally rid the boat of the negative Chi left by the PO. This docking was not as smooth but it was still good. I was however glad the dock decking was rubber lined with a bumper  guard.

I was able to give the Zenamaran an enema without any problem. I gave her about five rinses just to make sure things were clear.
Now I felt with the other cleaning I could do the un-naming ceremony. I could just not feel purifying had been done with a full holding tank of waste.

On another note, the Zenamaran has and outboard Honda with 25 up . It does not seems as strong as I imagined it would be. Maybe it is just my perception and I have not really opened it up fully. It is however nice and quiet. I needed to figure out how to flush it while mounted before I run into problems with salt build up. I may need to buy one of those bags, yet, getting it on while mounted will be a problem. There has to be a way…

Now that the waste tank is empty and all the inside area of the cabin is cleaned I will plan on the un-naming rites this week,  Sat. LZ and I can hang out a bit , take a sail on Tuesday perhaps to the re-naming then since I received the new name logo decal.

Mata ne


  1. Congrats on the first sail, Zen.

    And thanks, too, for confirming one of my longtime suspicions about people who own big power yachts.

  2. You mean their boats also have slow but long B.M.s?

  3. Nice photo, that second one. It must be a great feeling to try out your new boat. How does it handle in the waves?

  4. Catamaran colonic. Good you go to get the feel of things without a lot of pressure. No pun intended.

    The motor yacht reminds of a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. If you ever saw the movie, you know what I’m talking about.

    On to higher topics. :^)

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