Posted by: Zen | August 19, 2010

Buddha Cleaning

” Cleanliness is next to Godliness”  this is a Christian saying. In Buddhism I do not know of a saying but cleaning is a big thing with Buddhist and Japanese. So I could say Japanese style cleaning. If you do not know about Japanese clean, they clean everything. They even clean the money from the ATM machines. Housewives vacuum everyday, laundry everyday or every other day. LZ tells me “oh your are doing Buddhist training you should be cleaning also, that is Also Buddhist very Buddhist”

Anyway, that is the mode I’m in right now with the Zennamaran, Buddhist cleaning to purify. There is a state of mindfulness and meditative quality about doing it. and getting into doing it. Everywhere I can reach I have been washing on the CAT. One of the nice things about them you can get almost everywhere.

Unlike Japanese I use hot water! American style! They use cold water. I am using hot water with Mr “lemon fresh” Clean anti-bacterial cleaner. (^_^) Everyday washing , then burning some white sage,  a prayer and meditation. I’m not only cleaning the surface, but the vibe as well… it is working.

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  1. When young I once cleaned the mildewed eaves of a house with soap and hot water. I soon discovered that hotter water and less soap was most effective.

    Mindful cleaning is Buddhism at work. Not because it is cleaning, but because you do it mindfully.

    In gassho.

  2. Sou ne!!


  3. Cleaning, ok, but not cleansing or purification! I don’t follow you there with burning sage and all that.

  4. Just my personal spiritual thing

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