Posted by: Zen | March 21, 2010

Sometimes you feel screwed …

Sooooo, ok, There I am looking at an almost full bilge of water. I bring down the bucket form off deck and start pumping the whaler. I get two good flows then it gets tight. Crimmany I think, ok, one of the oil blotters is blocking the 1/2 in intake hose. I fish down in the bilge and remove one. I pump nothing, I fish more and pull out another. Pump pump , getting tight but still working… Then it stops with the membrane on the whaler bulging. Ok, crap. I’ll deal with it later. I get out another hand pump so I can at least lower the level. Pump , pump pump, pump nothing…. Pump pump. Grrr, Ok I try to prime it, pump pump pump nothing! I get out a small hand pump I picked up to change oil, I had not used it because I could not find fittings. I rig up something, I needed to also drain the battery case. I notice one was almost to the top from the water spraying. Ok, I start with that. Pump pump pump nothing, grrrr. I take it apart add some water, after checking the seal. Pump pump pump it starts working, leaking , but working. I empty the Battery case. Then i turn to the bilge. I pump for a while, then think, ok, this will take forever screw it. I take the hoses off the whaler, I figure to drain it, take another hose and by pass the one in the bilge until later. As I take the hose off, there is a big oil absorber sticking out of the top. I pull it and a huge sheet comes out. The pump had sucked up through a 1/2 hole a whole sheet  into it’s 1.5 inch intake and filled the pump. Wow strong! I pump away and in a short time the bilge is empty. I use the smaller pump to get all the water below the other intake.

Ok, next…

I take off the what I thought was broken “T” fitting. On a close look it looks ok. I’m thinking, ok, it does not look broke so how the heck did it come un-screwed???  WTH?! So I grab my wire brush and head to the cockpit to clean it up for a better look.

Afterwards it still looks ok. Hmmmm. This maybe worse than I thought. I go back below to check the block.

It looks bad!!! I wire brush it some, it still looks bad!!

I’m thinking holly crap this is going to hurt$$$ I’ll need a replacement short block, or motor, or maybe I’ll just do without the engine and install an outboard. I’m thinking of all the pros and con of this. All the while thinking, so much for sailing this $eason. Bye bye. My priority and money is going to Japan in 3 weeks. This is not good…but it is exspected with an old boat. Perhaps it is time to re-think my plan. Maybe since I have money coming this year from my saved insured plan I should not use that to fix up this , but buy another. Something to think about…

… to be continued


  1. Zen, is that the block itself or the exhaust manifold? On my engine, the manifold looks like it’s part of the block, but bolts on. It’s still a pain, but not nearly as bad as having to replace the block.

    Look on the bright side – you’re trained in meditation.

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