Posted by: Zen | February 13, 2010

What is in a name…

Ok, so here we go again, the Blogfather has issued yet another writing command. As I am in the middle of serious Kyudo Training ( Japanese archery for those who are lost ) for my upcoming adventure to Japan in less than 60 days at this point, I was going to pass on this useless foray into what is the worst sailing innovation. When I first read the decree I thought, yeah easy, Sailing blogs! Then I thought oh ok, they do have some use, or why would I do this, I’m not about wasting time. Then I thought writing about what innovation, new idea, or invention has been most detrimental, most frustrating, most disastrous… just generally the worst… for the sport of sailing, yup , thats the ticket! What can me more useless than writing about what is worst. If it was some place that people in power, or with money, or something, or cared could do something about the Bitching then perhaps it would be worthwhile to write about it, because maybe someone could do something about the uselessness of whatever, otherwise it is just another rant. Who has no life enough to read sailing blogs rants, on things like, oh em, lets see…Winter Laser sailing rules, ultra rich boys yacht races, mommy boats, sunfish, authorization words, powerboats, the youngest person to sail around the world alone, but with a full excort of hightech mommie boat following…I’m just saying.

Then it came to me there is something, a innovation, idea, or invention that has been most detrimental, most frustrating, most disastrous… just generally the worst… for the sport of sailing, not in itself so much, but  in the name it carries is detrimental, What is that you ask. Life lines!, yes they are useful, for hanging fenders on, hanging extra line on, the odd pieces of bikini tops or bottoms, or whatever that need some place to be strung for those who have females aboard who need to feel the warm tropic breezes on their soft and shapely female form.

Guys never hang stuff up anyway and I do not want to go there with that visual. brrrrr. Anyway that kind of stuff life lines are great for, useful. But for saving a life, not so much. The height is perfect for tripping one if you are not holding on to a more secure part of the boat. The bedding cannot be trusted all that much under weight, and especially some of the American weights loads. So if you happen to fall off and by some miracle you are fast enough to grab the lifeline, chances are it will bend or break dumping your unmindful shark bait self into the water.

So in keeping with the Zen philosophy nothing is totally useless, everything has a purpose, everything is interdependent, lifelines in themselves are not useless, disastrous, just as “lifelines”. Maybe they should change the name to do not bet your life on lines.

Ok, so there is my two yin worth. Noe I have doen homage to the blogfather, and no need to worry about a Swordfish head showing up in my bed, I can go back to something more useful in thoughts than thinking about what is just generally the worst… for the sport of sailing. Thinking of something good for sailing, Like the weather today here in the Northern Cal, sailing haven of the Bay, thinking about a Chinese New Years Sail for another.

Gong Shi Fa Chai !!

And now back to our regular programing…


  1. Ah that’s what they are for.

    Been sailing on my own for years, couldn’t figure out why I was unable to entice any nubile young maidens on board.

    Now I know, it’s ‘cause I ‘aint got any ‘life lines’ for them to hang their itsy bits on.

    Now where did I put those stanchions?

  2. My heart is beating faster at the sight of your blond friend’s…ummm….. back view. Let’s see more of her. Much more

  3. I never know what you are going to be writing about!
    Just keep writing! :)

    • I’m surprised to see you hanging around these part. I thought you were a Kyudo junkie :-)

  4. “Ye never know where tha likes o’me will be poppin’ up, Matey!”

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