Posted by: Zen | November 11, 2009

Ceramic Marine Art Weds

Okkkk, The Blogfather started something Pottery Tues, which became officially recognized on Weds, by the Prophet of O-Dock on Weds. as Pottery on Weds. So to honor the movement. Here is my humble contribution which expands things to the Universal realms of Art. In this case ceramic marine art.

As an artist I notice that there are many representations of marine art in Paintings and Photos, even song. However in the Pottery or in the more general artist form know as Ceramics, there is only a small amount. Once upon a time, not so long ago when I was working in Clay I felt the need to express the marine dimension of Boats and water. There were some works of boat hulls in wood, some models of course in plywood, even a couple in ceramics but not a lot. Rarely a full boat even more rarely a sailboat.

I undertook one on a whim and worked on an abstract ceramic yacht.


Some people liked it, I laughed, I was not that pleased, but it was something. It was a challenge and MESSY!! It looks heavy , but it is not, it is all hollow. Which made it hard to do. Formed by covering some shaped foam with a slip soaked gaze. It was messy! Let me stress that MESSY. It was my first and last piece in that medium, it was too messy! Ceramics are messy anyway, but a fun kind of messy getting ones hands in the soft wet clay, but this was Messy, slip and drips everywhere, yuk.

My next pieces of marine expression came not in the form of something on the water but the water itself. I was much more pleased with the results.

The Sea Dragon.


Water and the moon


The wave


Not yacht  or boat art, but where would a boat be without water. Water is the source of life. No water, a yacht is just another abandoned vehicle on the land, same as a car, tractor, trailer on blocks.  Without water, there would be no boats, there would be no us since we are mostly made of water. As made of water, we are an extension of water, a boat is an extension of water and ourselves. Perhaps this is the draw, the real connection, the lure of boats. Boats are an expression of our oneness with water,  a Yang to the Yin of our water nature.

Now that that is done…who the heck is Glen Beck… and why is the Blogfather saying those things about her?

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  1. The Sea Dragon is totally amazing. Ovewhelmed just looking at a photo of it. If I came across it in 3D I may well faint….

  2. Thanks Val, you are the only one who cared about this post :-(

    Must be that kindred spirit thing…


  3. Don’t cry, Zen, I find your vase ‘water and the moon’ really great!
    But yes, indeed, pottery and sailing don’t really go together. Don’t know why I’m a potter and a sailor!!!

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