Posted by: Zen | July 15, 2009

Blue Pelican…a late review

I have been busy sailing , family and such, not so much s/v Zen but the City of Oakland’s boat, teaching, plus mine, plus stuff. Anyway, I missed the July commandment from the Blog-Father Tillerman on July’s writing assignment ” Write a Review”. My Bad, I’ll need to walk the plank or be keel hauled. For you Laser sailors a keel is a large piece of fin like object attached to the underside of a sailboat. It is heavy weighted and it keeps the boat from flipping over and dumping you in the place where the fish poop and most of the world uses as it’s garbage dump. I digress…

er um , yeah, I missed the deadline so I am a day late and since not really working much more than a dollar short, but that is another blog.

Once a upon a time when the Ocean Crossing Super Blogger S.F. Examiner Polka Dot Racing Team Captain guy from the  Peoples Republic of Berkeley was writing his blog regular, like alomst every couple of days or at least once a week, trying to make the T-man top 10 sailing blogs of the year. BTW, I made that once, my first year, when I was young and full of dreams and new ideals of sailing discoveries. ahm* cough* I digress… er , yes the OCSBSFPDRT guy aka EVK4 said something about going to a boating consignment store called the Blue Pelican . Maybe he did not say the name , but I found out it and I tracked them ,  it was located in Alameda.


AT the time I was living with the almost perfect LZ in another place and it was a major hassle to get there. One day I did though and it was nice. I love flea markets, swap meet, thrift shop kind of places. This place was nice not outstanding but nice. That was several years ago. They did not have much, they were still fairly new, in fairness to them I’ll say that.


Now things have changed. We live here on the island and the Blue Pelican is just around the corner from our new marina. I have plenty of time with not working full time and all, so I am able to visit there easily.

Once day I pop in to purchase some of the El cheapo, Bright Orange, I am newbie on the water PFD and I am pleasantly surprised with how much stuff they have now. All over the place, in the corners, behind doors, hanigng from the wall. very cool! Affordable toyland!!! I spent way longer in there than I had planned. After asking if I needed help they just left me alone ot wander around touching and looking. Yeaaah!. 1 hour later I walked out with my PDF and the thought to return.


I did another few days later, this is when I found out their trick. They have even more stuff stashed behind stuff, and get new things in, so you have to look more to discover other goodies, then they price them low enough that you can buy them. Sneaky !! I came in looking for one thing and found something completely different that was such a score I had to buy it.


On top of all that, the folks there are helpful and friendly, beware of this store. They will hook you with a discount on the already low price! You have been warned…


  1. In regard to your digression explaining keels to Laser-ites….

    Do you think that Laser (normally capsized boat) sailors are very brave to swim in the place where…

    fish and whales poop,
    sharks dine,
    stinging jellyfish lurk,
    cruise ships dump,
    commercial fishing boats discard dead trash fish,

    and in a sailing environment in which even Dr. Stuart Walker thinks the rules are too complicated?

    • Excellent speculation…hmmmmmm

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