Posted by: Zen | September 10, 2007

Back to Sailing

So ne! It has been a while since I posted, well sort of, it has been a while since I’ve done a real sailing post, er… out on the water sailing post.
These past few weeks have been adjusting to the new job ( Which I like), helping Sisuk, a lot of Chan (zen) practice, even went to a Zen retreat, very nice, ( if interested see “the by Land blog”). This month is mostly about sailing . I have classes to teach every weekend this month except for the last one. This weekend past was the start. I do not expect to get much rest this weekend it is good I have my meditation practice to help balance me. Friday night was the start with the sailing lecture at The Lake Merritt boating center. This class student were a good group , perhaps the best of the lot so far. Attentive, respective, easy going. as with the last class I am feeling more at ease about teaching now. Even with no props( I have no idea what happened with those. in the classroom, I was able to pull off the lecture with not too much concern. :-)


Sat Morning I got up easy, There was a flea market at the Encinal Yacht Club, for the last 2-3 years I have missed it. It it is held a couple of times a year. This year even though I had a class to teach I was going! I got up early and arrived at 8:00 am just when it was starting. I walked around a bit, without seeing much of note. I did come across a couple of water facets which I needed for my foot pump hookup. Nice I got two for $5.00.

flea ecnin

Next I came across my friend Professor J, of the Spindrift blog and messing about on boat of the S.F. Chronicle . It is a pleasure to see him. A great guy and fellow musician, beside being a sailor. I had not seen him since last year at the same event , except I was there in the evening with Lady Z long after the flea Market was over. He was one if not the first person I met in real life from a blog. We chatted for a bit, he was just back from visiting Europe and Rome. Wow, what a life!

From there I headed around to the rest of the as I had a class to get to. There was a fair amount of items there, but nothing I really needed, needed, but I did get a pair of sailing gloves from WM for a dollar. I also ran into another guy who sells used boat parts, I had seen before but could not find his listing in Lat 38. He cleared me on where to find it, so now I can ask him direct about what he has. I am still looking for a dodger for my islander! ( anyone know where I can get a used one, even the frame?)

Off to class. I made it, not only got to do the flea market but made it just on time for class…sweet!

I went the usual stuff with the class, and had them get the boat ready for sailing. Everything was all set. The first part of the class is motoring . The first person we went out, he went through the drills and on the way back in , the motor dies…!!! oh boy. we drift… finally it starts again , runs… then quits!! Arrrrrrr

ok, Not to worry, I say, raise the sails. They comply and I take over, and bring the boat back into the slip… perfect. They were impressed ;-)

group 4

So I say ok, lets do lunch then see what’s up…

After lunch a visitor…I grab a shot


next I try to start the motor, no luck. I take the fuel filter loose, it pumps out air and gas, I reconnect it and change the connection at the tank. I also clean the spark plus. BAM it starts and runs smoother… yup again they are impressed. heheheh

We do the rest of the drills and come back to dock, the motors quits. This time for good. Hmmmmmmmm I’m thinking, what to do… Ok, this is a sail boat, lets do it. I tell the students how to launch, and off we go without a motor. The rest of the sailing was smooth. When the time was up for the day. I talked the students through docking under sail. Once in one guys says “we don’t need no stink’n motor” We laughed.

Right after I finished with this group a had a guy who was challenging the course come for his test. Again we took off engine-less. He had experience so thought nothing of it as well. We have easy access to and from the slip. There is no marina to sail into let me add.

Sunday was the final day. There was very light wind in the morning. Which was ok. I had them take their written exam. I use the time for paperwork, Tai Chi and a bit of meditation.

Then have them prepare the boat for sail. After a short lecture we had lunch. Afterwards the wind had picked up enough to get a good sail in, so off we went, this time not even bothering to hook up the motor. Today everyone got a turn at docking under sail, which was an extra bit of seamanship that was not listed to be done until a couple of grades up, but sometimes you got to do, what ya gotta do. It is very “Zen” to take whatever is presented and live it fully, be it good or bad. Being in the moment and adapting. I generally add a bit of “Zen Philosophy” in with my lecture. About being one with your boat, the wind, the water. About being aware of your environment, using all your senses. Some of the time they look at me like, “oh boy weirdo” heheh, however after the class and I ask about what they have learned that day. Most of the time, at some point someone comes back with, being aware of my environment, sensitive to everything, not fighting the flow, but using it. hehaheh, ah yes lesson learned young tadpole. :-)

They all enjoyed it. It was a good class and a good sail.

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