Posted by: Zen | June 11, 2007


What do they call a Coastal Cruising instructor who was at the bottom of the class?…

A Coastal Cruising Instructor !

Yeah Baby yeah! That’s right Yata! I did it! Happy Dance

Omideto gozaimas to me!

I went in this morning at 9:00am to take my test at the Afterguard Sailing Academy. As it is a very small office place, I got to sit outside under the tree on the porch. The good Capt. set up a card table for me and gave me the mascot as a cheering squad to sit with.

my testing office

It took me two tries (today being the second) , some luck and a calculated guess but I passed. It was close. It is not a easy walk in the park test to pass. It took me 4 hours to complete. It you are really really on top on the calculations (and like math problems) and stuff maybe it can be done in 3, but it is not a breeze says anyone. I needed nine more points to make Navigational Instructor grade. I’ll retake the test in the fall and go for that. I could have done better this time but I did not get a chance to recheck my work as Capt Mary had to go take the other testers for their on the water test. Other wise I would have seen the couple of slip ups I made. However it would have still not given me the 9 points I needed to pass three levels instead of just two. Still.. Yata!

Anywho, I know my weak areas so I can work on those over the summer and prepare for a re-take for Nav instructor. I’m jazzed, I can at least get some rest now!

Now you may think, what’s the big deal, the big deal to me, is I did not go to the classes to learn this stuff. I did the home study path and I suck at math and HATE it!

The boat leaves Martinez harbor, at 0730 at OTGS @ 3.4 kt, and travels 6nm, with a set of 75degrees T and a drift of 2.7kt, with a leeway from the sw of 2kts, taking a bearing reading at 0830 off the light house bearing off the port at 53degreesM and again @ 0900M reading 111degreesM with the Compass deviation of 4e and a variation annually of 3degrees from 1985, what is the course you steer to go directly to Berkeley, before the plane lands at SFO airport by 11:38 !!!! ( just kidding about the plane) But for real that kind of stuff gives me headaches. When I would see that stuff in school my Brain would overload and freeze, I’d have to reset :-)

The next hurdle is the USCG limited master license. There is a lot of paper work involved. I have most of it together, I need the doctor’s exam, and maybe a new golden rain test. I am hoping to get past taking the written exam due to the agreement with the ASA. However I will be the test for the area here as no-one else has tried it in this part of the State, if in this state at all. I’ll be the ground breaker…nothing new :-)

oh, in case you have not heard…I passed the Coastal Cruising instructor test, now I can have some saki!

sweet! whoop whoop! Happy Dance

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  1. Congratulations. I used to be pretty good at maths but all that navigation stuff is still a mystery to me. The only time I took a cruising course I took some compass bearings while sailing in the middle of Long Island Sound and managed to “prove” that we were several miles inland of the Connecticut shore. I think the instructor was quite relieved to get back to shore safely!

  2. Congrats! Have Lady Z pat you on the back and have a big cup of Sake!

  3. Oh…sorry I spelled Saki incorrectly.

  4. Thanks T-man and sis !!
    It was a challege!

  5. Hooray! Can we call you “professor” zen now? Really, I’m delighted to hear of your success.

  6. Congratulations!

    I have encountered all manner of conditions while cruising offshore and along the east coast during the winters/springs of the last four years. Even with that, I am certain I could NOT pass that test. What you have done is a marvelous achievement.

    Again, congratulations!

  7. This is really cool….you’re collecting all sorts of initials after your name now. Before you get too big-league, maybe I’ll hit you up for some instruction on tacking my el toro correctly!

    And, most importnatly, congratulations.

  8. Thx guys, Saki all around!!!

  9. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment!

  10. Félicitations! …my brain would freeze just looking at the paper!!! Congratulations!

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