Posted by: Zen | April 22, 2007

Strictly Sails Oakland 07 – part II


Lynx 1

After a quick stop to check out the Lynx a 18th century replica of a Privateer boat which was very cool!

Lynx 2

I head over to the main tent area. going past a few of the high end sailboat and grabbing some free salsa and chips I’m getting hungry…

As I head back to the main section I come across the Tel-Star tri-hull. I away had a interest in those since I heard Adrift( see link on sidebar) speak of them on his blog.


Finally I get to see one up close and personal. The design looks slick I like that, looks fast, I also like that. I got to go aboard and spoke with the I guess president, builder something. because when I mentioned I knew of someone back East who owned one and said his first name he finished the name. Small world. Anyway. I got to look around inside. Things are nicely but together, I was however expecting it to be a bit more spacious. However it is only a 28 ft boat and on those terms it was spacious. Good head room, sleeps 4, two wash basins, folding table, nav. station. Nice! If I had the bucks. I would really consider buying.


On to the seminar. Lin Pardey’s seminar is next, I found she was doing a talk on saving costs and cruising, which I did not see listed before, so that is where I was headed. Since I had a fair amount of time still before it started I wandered about. I found a booth for LED lighting. They what I thought were just the bulbs I needed to replace my marker lights on s/v Zen. I spoke some with the guy, took a quick drawing of the one I needed also got the order number. after I check it make sure it is right I’ll order it. I was told however if it is not right they will exchanged it no problem. They also have a chart on-line to help select the correct bulb. They had a hugh amount of bulbs.

So I head over to Lin’s talk. It is PACKED!!
.Some of the things she spoke on were:
1. When you cruise with friend on other boats, it will cost you more money
2. Use your boat as a warehouse. When you find bargains (food & supplies) buy a lot.
3. Save your repairs for a place that will not cost you and arm and a leg.
4. Do not make your boat so that if one things breaks, you can not continue on your trip. in other words, Keep It Simple!
5. They carry no insurance when crossing oceans
6. Learn to do sail repairs. much can be done by hand without a machine.
7. If you invite friend over all the time it will cost you more money.

After a short break, she held her next lecture.


This one on keeping you lover (while sailing)
some points:

1. Give her ( or yourself) a way out. Meaning do not sell everything so she feels you have no place to return to, until she is full comfortable with the life style on the boat.

2. Taking breaks from the boat life is good.

3. Getting to know the local people not just other cruisers help to fill a woman social needs.

4. Getting your own space/time is good from time to time.

5. Help with the cleaning duties do not just leave them to her.

6. It is worth to cost to find someone to do the laundry so she does not have to deal with it.

7. Do not yell directions. Learn hand signals or wear a headset.

These are a few of the things she touched on. I say touched because each lecture was only 45 min, so she covered a lot of stuff in a short time. ( note I may update this section later so check back)

There was one more lecture, by someone else that after noon. However I was getting late now 6:00pm I started at 11:00. I was starting to get burnt out. I did not take a lunch break I, did the energizer bunny things and just keep on going.

So I called it a day and set a course for home.
It was a good day at Jack London, and worth the $13.00 entrance fee. I enjoyed the show much more than my first one I went to several years ago and knew nothing. The seminars were the key since I was not there boat shopping. With good planning and topics it would be worthwhile to go for a couple of days. I thought it was mostly about shopping, but the lectures are worthwhile. There were a few others I would have liked to attended but, wrong time or day for me. perhaps Next year, if the Force is with me.

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